ISP Virtual Summit 2023: Recap and Video Recordings

ISP Virtual Summit 2023 recap blog

by | March 2, 2023 | Events

ISP Virtual Summit 2023 Recap

Preseem recently hosted our third Virtual Summit, a remote conference where experts and leaders from across the ISP world present topics relevant to local and regional operators.

We held our first Virtual Summit back in July 2020 during a period when travel was restricted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, and then hosted a Virtual Summit Reloaded event in 2021. Recently, we decided to reboot the event with a two-day summit held Feb. 14-15, 2023.

Officially named the ISP Virtual Summit 2023 Powered by Preseem, this year’s edition featured six sessions on access technologies, customer retention, marketing, the power of data, and the subscriber experience.

If you missed this year’s summit, don’t worry. We recorded each session and you can watch them right here, free and on demand. We hope you enjoy them!

Session 1: Fixed Wireless, Fiber and the Future

We’ve unpacked our crystal ball and see a mix of fixed wireless and fiber in the future for local and regional operators. Even if you’re already running a hybrid network, watch this lively discussion on these and other access technologies, and the pros and cons of each. Hosted by Dan Siemon, co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Preseem. Panelists: Adair Winter, VP of Network Operations and co-owner at AW Broadband, and Jason Pond, Chief Officer of Expansion at Grizzly Broadband.

Session 2: Best Practices for Success

Learn from the experience of Abbi Hubler, COO of TekWav and Chair of the Best Practices Committee at WISPA, and Matt Larsen, CEO of Vistabeam. During this informative session, they take a look at tried-and-true processes, tools, and strategies you can use immediately to tune up your ISP and get it primed for success! Moderated by Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO of Preseem.

Session 3: We Love QoE

Improving the quality of experience for subscribers should be at the top of every ISP’s priority list. Good QoE means happier customers, less support calls, and increased revenue. However, there are differing opinions out there on what exactly QoE is and how best to achieve it. Join Preseem CPO Dan Siemon and Solutions Architect Andrew Sit for their expert take on this increasingly hot topic.

Session 4: Data – It’s Not Just for Nerds Any More!

Embrace your inner geek and check out this discussion on why data is the key to unlocking your ISP’s true potential. Learn how you can use data to better understand your customers, your network, and how your business is really doing 🤓 Hosted by Preseem’s Senior Product Manager Jeremy Austin and Kristian Hoffman, Chief Architect at

Session 5: Turn Down the Churn

Tracking subscriber churn is something every ISP should be doing. Find out what it is, how to calculate it, how it affects your bottom line, and what you can do to reduce it in this informative session. Hosted by Preseem CEO Gerrit Nagelhout and Georgette Lopez-Aguado, Strategic Accounts Director at Sonar.

Session 6: Ask Us Anything!

Watch as Preseem co-founders Scot Loach, Gerrit Nagelhout, and Dan Siemon take part in their first-ever AMA (or AUA in this case). During this session, they answer unscripted questions from attendees. Topics range from why they founded Preseem to AP latency, the benefits of FQ-CoDel/Cake, downstream and upstream bandwidth usage rates, and whether pineapple belongs on a pizza 🙂

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