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Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Get More Referrals and Good Reviews

With Preseem in place, your subs will be enjoying a reliable, low-latency internet experience with no more buffering, lag or slow-internet issues. That’s great news for your support team but it’s also a boon for the marketing crew as well.

Satisfied subscribers means more five-star reviews and testimonials to use in ad campaigns and post on social media. You’ll also see a boost in warm referrals as well as reputation and brand awareness—happy customers are the best and most cost-effective advertising of all.

Identify Upsell Opportunities

Our high granularity subscriber traffic-based QoE measurements can help identify customers who are regularly maxing out their plans. This means the support team can identify subscribers that are good candidates for a larger service plan. Our metrics can also help your network team proactively prioritize airtime improvements that will in turn allow the sales team to start selling larger plans.

Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Get Your Teams on the Same Page

Our simple AP Subscriber Capacity scores let operators know exactly which APs have room to add new customers. Using this data-based approach means operators no longer have to rely on “gut feelings” on which neighborhoods should be targeted for growth, something that may have caused conflict between network and sales/marketing teams historically. Defuse any internal tension with cold, hard numbers that tell you exactly where you can sell.

Learn how AP Capacity scores have helped Vistabeam boost capacity by 30%.

Add New Revenue with No New Investment

Being able to add more customers without additional marketing spend, hardware upgrades, or CAPEX investment sounds too good to be true. With our AP Subscriber Capacity metrics, however, it’s a very real possibility. The scores let you know which APs are overloaded and which have room to add new customers. This takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts and can hyper-focus your sales team by letting them know exactly where the best new revenue opportunities are located.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Make Sure You’re Selling the Right Plans

With our (coming soon!) plan assurance data, your sales team will have more confidence than ever in what plans they should be selling to new and existing customers alike. They’ll be able to understand the network’s ability to deliver a given plan speed while maintaining a great experience, and also get a count of how many subscribers an AP can support for a given plan rate. They’ll also get clear yes/no answers on whether an AP can support another customer with a given plan rate or a subscriber upgrading from plan rate X to plan rate Y.

"Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%!"
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

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