Give your teams the tools to proactively improve the subscriber experience and efficiently operate a multi-vendor access network

Preseem for Fiber Networks

One of the most attractive benefits of Preseem is that it’s access technology-agnostic. That means you can plug our QoE measurement and optimized plan enforcement into any network and start seeing results immediately. It’s that simple.

Preseem gives fiber network operators the tools to understand and proactively improve the subscriber quality of experience (QoE). This enables higher customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs and increasing revenue for regional ISPs. 

Our system includes data-based features that give you clear insight into your network’s performance while helping to reduce churn, get fewer support calls, and empower your staff. Our cloud-based architecture provides a centralized view across all vendors, models and inline elements, meaning there’s no need to log in to different locations or servers to see different parts of the network.

Preseem can handle your traffic shaping effortlessly, and our QoE-optimized plan enforcement means your subscribers get a great, low-latency experience even when they max their plan rate.

Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

A Single Pane of Glass

Preseem provides a one-stop shop to view subscriber information and metrics across all access networks.

This makes your access network operations and support teams more efficient since they no longer need to learn new systems or ‘stare and compare’ at different platforms when trying to troubleshoot an issue.

Ease of Integration

By using plan enforcement in Preseem, fiber/hybrid operators not only see improved QoE, but also benefit by having a single point of integration.

This means you don’t need to teach your billing system to talk to APs in fixed wireless, OLTs in fiber, etc. This saves time, reduces complexity, and makes it easier to introduce other vendors into your network. 

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency

Improve the Subscriber Experience

Preseem finds bottlenecks that affect the end user experience, such as being able to identify issues with in-home Wi-Fi connections for fiber subscribers.

Our latency measurement, queue management, and traffic shaping are applicable for all networks, and are proven to help improve subscriber QoE and satisfaction.


What Our Customers are Saying

“The metrics that we derive from Preseem’s interface help us to deeply troubleshoot data throughput issues that our end users may be experiencing. It allows us to rely on actual hard historical and current data. So often it is just so easy to blame the ISP for poor network performance when in reality it is often an internal issue. The data from Preseem allows us to show the end user what is actually happening.”

Louis Uttaro
Co-owner, Oso Internet Solutions, New Mexico; A fixed wireless/fiber hybrid network.

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Preseem gives your teams the tools to understand and proactively improve your subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE).

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