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Preseem has insightful data-based tools and metrics to benefit every team in your organization. Whether you’re in network operations, sales and marketing, support, finance or the C-suite, we can help you increase efficiency, manage issues proactively, and keep your subscribers happy. Find out how we can assist your team.

Access Network Operations

Manage your network proactively with Preseem’s exclusive RF analytics, AP and CPE Radio scores, and traffic-based quality of experience (QoE) metrics. Stop staring and comparing at multiple vendor tools, and start fixing problems instead of searching for them!

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Network Managers

Core Network Operations

Simplify your operations and reduce integration complexity with Preseem’s single point of plan enforcement. Use our traffic-based measurements to truly understand the subscriber experience and quickly identify whether issues are network-wide or in the customer’s home.

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ISP Owners

Sales and Marketing

Get accurate data on which access points have room to add more subscribers so you know exactly where to sell next, and easily identify upsell opportunities so you can upgrade customers who regularly max out their plans.

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Preseem helps reduce the volume of calls and tickets received by your support team. Get the tools your team needs to find the root cause of issues faster, access relevant information quickly, and increase expertise and efficiency.

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Executives and Finance

Get the most out of your network investment dollars and optimize your sales and marketing spend, while increasing the flexibility to add new vendors and lowering the total cost of ownership.

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Deliver a consistent low-latency experience to delight your subscribers and help them become advocates for your service. Reduce self-congestion and support interactions to make your customers happier, reduce churn, and generate more positive online reviews.

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Access Technology

Preseem gives fixed wireless and fiber network operators the tools to understand and proactively improve the subscriber quality of experience (QoE). This enables higher customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs and increasing revenue for regional ISPs.

“Guided by Preseem, we have made many improvements to our network. I believe these improvements and Preseem’s optimization are the major reasons for our customer churn significantly decreasing.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Falaschi
CEO, E-vergent Wireless

“Preseem has done a great job of providing great insight into our network by presenting quality information regarding subscriber quality of experience. Their staff is outstanding and we greatly appreciate their professional attitude on putting out a quality product and providing excellent customer service!”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

JJ McGrath
CEO, TekWav

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