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See how Preseem helps WISPs lower churn, reduce support costs, improve network performance, and increase profitability—all while delivering a better QoE to subscribers.

Preseem Success Story: When A Disaster Hit, Oregon Internet Response Was There To Help

How A Volunteer Group Used Preseem to Help Reconnect Up to 3000 Residents After a Devastating Wildfire

In September 2020, Oregon’s Holiday Farm Wildfire swept through McKenzie River Valley in Oregon. The blaze scorched 27 miles of fiber, impacting public services and more than 1,000 homes and businesses in the area. However, the efforts of a community group, called Oregon Internet Response, quickly restored connectivity to the region.

The volunteer group established a makeshift network, and once it was up and running, sought out a way to improve the network’s Quality of Experience. Preseem provided the volunteer group with a discounted Preseem 5000B appliance, and extended free access to the Preseem platform during its initial deployment.

For more than six months, the fixed wireless internet service provided by Oregon Internet Response had been the primary source of connectivity in the region, serving between 2,000 and 3,000 residents.

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Preseem gave us control, where we didn’t have to log into each individual device and rate limit anymore—Preseem instead provided us with a central place to see what was happening with the network and provide a better user experience

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Geoff Turner
CEO, Elevate Technology Group

Preseem Success Stories - New Zealand-Based WISPs Find Additional Sources of Revenue and Reduce Customer Complaints Using Preseem

New Zealand-Based WISP Finds Additional Sources of Revenue and Reduces Customer Complaints Using Preseem

Taylor Communications provides a range of broadband and telephone services to various communities around Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. After continuously receiving “slow Internet” complaints, Ray Taylor, CEO of Taylor Communications, began looking for a proactive solution that could limit the negative impact of customers engaging in Internet-intensive activities.

Immediately after deploying Preseem, Taylor Communications saw positive results in its network. Customer support calls about “slow Internet” decreased dramatically, as did customer churn, resulting in time and cost savings among L1 and L2 support staff.

Moreover, the comprehensive metrics produced and compiled within the Preseem platform have enabled Taylor Communications to find new sources of revenue by highlighting opportunities to upsell customers.

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“Preseem has definitely paid for itself.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Ray Taylor
CEO, Taylor Communications

Preseem Success Story - My Experience with Preseem: A Look at Grizzly Broadband with CEO Jason Pond

My Experience with Preseem: A Look at Grizzly Broadband with CEO Jason Pond

Jason Pond, co-owner and CEO of Grizzly Broadband, shares his experience with using Preseem’s QoE platform for his WISP business—Cybernet1.

Jason has extensive experience in the WISP industry and shares how, prior to using Preseem’s QoE optimized shaping, his network was experiencing an average of 384 support calls per week. After Preseem replaced his traditional shaping tools, the support call volume dropped to an average of 288 per week.

Additionally, Jason highlights how Preseem has further impacted his business, from seeing fewer cancellations where customers change providers to enabling support staff to effectively troubleshoot customer issues and proactively improve his network.

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“Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

Preseem Success Stories - E-vergent Wireless Adds $27,000 in Revenue and Reduces Churn by 28% Just Six Months After Deploying Preseem

E-vergent Wireless Adds $27,000 in Revenue and Reduces Churn by 28% Just Six Months After Deploying Preseem

E-vergent Wireless serves over 3000 customers in Wisconsin and Illinois. Despite aggressively adding customers, this WISP found themselves in a situation where business growth was stagnent due to customer churn.

It was around this time that E-vergent learned about Preseem and became one of the earliest Preseem customers. Preseem’s ability to identify areas of E-vergent’s network that required upgrades, alongside Preseem’s QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement techniques, resulted in a 28% drop in customer churn. This decrease in churn translated into retaining $27,000 in revenue and 63 customers (297 service months) over the course of six months.

Most importantly, E-vergent is now growing again.

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“Guided by Preseem, we have made many improvements to our network. I believe these improvements and Preseem’s optimization are the major reasons for our customer churn significantly decreasing.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Falaschi
VP & GM, E-vergent Wireless

Preseem Success Stories - Preseem and Azotel API Integration Helps Minnesota WiFi Easily and Effectively Measure and Optimize QoE

Preseem and Azotel API Integration Helps Minnesota WiFi Easily and Effectively Measure and Optimize QoE

Minnesota WiFi is a fast-growing internet provider based out of Kasson, MN, which was looking for a QoE solution to manage congested access points and handle subscriber complaints proactively.

Darin Steffl, owner and operator at Minnesota WiFi, considered delivering consistent speeds to his customers to be a top business priority. Furthermore, Darin was looking for a solution that integrated with his billing and OSS platform, SIMPLer from Azotel.

Minnesota WiFi deployed Preseem’s QoE platform and leveraged its API integration with Azotel’s SIMPLer platform. Using granular insights from Preseem, Minnesota WiFi fixed QoE issues across towers, sectors, and individual subscribers. Moreover, Minnesota WiFi also leveraged Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping to deliver a better experience to subscribers.

Preseem’s integration with Azotel has given the Minnesota WiFi team the ability to change a customer’s plan speed in Azotel and see it take effect automatically in Preseem. Furthermore, when a customer is suspended for non-payment, Preseem blocks their access automatically. This has eliminated all the manual work and mistakes associated with updating plan rates and disconnecting service.

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“Preseem’s integration with Azotel for speed plans implementation and disconnecting non-pay customers has saved us tons of time and money!”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Darin Steffl
Owner & Operator, Minnesota WiFi

Quickline Success Story

My Experience with Preseem: A Look at Quickline Communications with Head of Operations Alasdair MacLeod

Quickline is one of the leading Wireless Internet Service Providers based out of the UK. Alasdair MacLeod, Head of Operations at Quickline, deployed Preseem in a section of his network to test its monitoring and queuing features.

After a few months, one of the most interesting metrics that Preseem has brought to the table for Quickline is the visibility into the performance of their access points (APs).

Preseem allows Alasdair to compare Quickline’s AP performance against the global average performance of the same AP model and configuration as deployed by other users. This has helped Alasdair understand how hard he is pushing his gear, and has highlighted areas where additional tuning is needed in order to maximize throughput and minimize latency.

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“Preseem’s queueing does indeed seem to do a very reliable job. We have currently ordered quite a bit of hardware and will soon be pushing our Preseem deployment out into the whole network.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Alasdair MacLeod
Head of Operations, Quickline Communications

Ziplink Systems Success Story

Ziplink Systems Uses Preseem and Sonar Software to Upsell and Support Growth

Ziplink Systems is a fast-growing WISP based out of Queen Creek, Arizona. David Busch, founder and CEO at Ziplink, was looking for a solution in order to deliver a great experience to customers across applications including streaming video.

The detailed metrics and charts generated by Preseem provide a means for David to show customers’ usage behavior, data consumed, and other aspects which help explain an issue or troubleshoot complaints.

Leveraging Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform and its integration with Sonar Software for billing, David has been able to conduct several easy for plan upgrades for subscribers. These upgrades have resulted in additional revenue and positive word-of-mouth for Ziplink.

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We love Preseem! It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time. We also like how Sonar and Preseem work together and help us troubleshoot customer complaints as well as perform plan upgrades easily. This helps us have happy customers and more revenue

5 Star Rating of Preseem

David Busch
CEO, Ziplink Systems

Preseem Success Stories - Fast-Growing WISP Uses Preseem to Fix “Slow Internet” Calls

Fast-Growing WISP Uses Preseem to Fix “Slow Internet” Calls

Alamo Broadband is a fast-growing WISP in Elmendorf, Texas, that uses Preseem to find and fix Bufferbloat issues. These issues stem from congested access points and plan enforcement solutions that are based on simple queues.

Preseem’s QoE metrics and graphical wireless summary helped Alamo fix congestion related issues, while Preseem’s advanced Active Queue Management techniques replaced MikroTik-based plan enforcement to improve subscriber QoE.

After implementing Preseem, Alamo experienced a dramatic drop in support calls related to slow Internet. Consequently, Alamo has also saved money on external after-hours support.

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“‘My Internet is slow’ calls have all but ceased.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Portman
President, Alamo Broadband

Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot