Success Stories

Read our success stories to see how Preseem helps WISPs lower churn, reduce support costs, improve network performance, and increase profitability—all while delivering a better QoE to subscribers.

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How techCONNECT Increased ARPU 65% and MRR 30%

South African ISP techCONNECT has seen ARPU, MRR, and sector utilization increase with Preseem. They’ve also reduced churn to 4% and truck rolls by almost 30% since implementing the software. Not only that, but Preseem helps techCONNECT troubleshoot network issues faster and proactively improve the subscriber experience. Find out more about why they think “other WISPs would be insane not to plug a Preseem box into their network.”

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“The added benefits of AQM and active AP Management and Shaping pushes Preseem beyond a simple monitoring solution; it’s a QoE powerhouse!”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Arno Joubert
Technical Director, techCONNECT

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How KBMF Drastically Reduced Support Calls with Preseem

Nonprofit California ISP Kingsburg Media Foundation (KBMF) saw a drastic reduction in support calls immediately after adding Preseem to their network. It also helps them diagnose technical issues, measure AP capacity, and proactively manage their network to improve the subscriber experience.

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“The day we turned (Preseem) on, our phones stopped ringing.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Reggie Gierke
President and CEO, KBMF

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How ZIRKEL Wireless Saves 10-15 Hours Per Week with Preseem

ZIRKEL Wireless has been able to save 10-15 hours per week for their team and add significant access point capacity with Preseem Plus. They’ve also seen a decrease in latency and slow-internet calls, and are using Preseem to identify neighborhoods for targeted marketing campaigns.

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“We were spending 10, 15-plus hours every week combing through a variety of systems to try and identify (AP capacity). And with these new features from Preseem, it’s a click of a button.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joshua Nowak
Operations Manager, ZIRKEL Wireless

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Colorado ISP Solves Equipment Issues and Adds AP Capacity with Preseem

Au Wireless is an ISP known for delivering high-quality internet service to homes and businesses in Golden, Colorado. During a recent trial of Preseem Plus, they were able to identify and solve performance issues with their radio equipment. This has led to lower latency, increased AP capacity, and better QoE.

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“Overall, I’ve been really impressed with it so far. I think it’s really cool, just seeing all these metrics.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jonathan Morrison
Net Admin, Au Wireless

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How a Large Nebraska WISP Solves Access Point Capacity Issues with Data-Driven Insights from Preseem

Vistabeam is a wireless internet service provider (WISP) that’s been delivering reliable internet to rural and underserved communities in Nebraska, Wyoming, and Colorado since 2004. As a long-term Preseem customer, Vistabeam was one of the first companies given the chance to use our new RF analysis tools and scores. As their CEO told the audience at WISPAMERICA, the new features have already helped solve a long-standing access point (AP) capacity problem for Vistabeam.

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“It’s probably the best money we spend every month. It’s just been a huge improvement in the quality of our network.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Matt Larsen
CEO, Vistabeam

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How the Largest Independent Fixed Wireless Operator in NY Uses Preseem to Deliver Premium QoE for their Subscribers and Save on Support Costs

For 20 years, Hudson Valley Wireless has been delivering high-speed internet to rural communities in New York. The company recently ran an experiment using Preseem to temporarily double all the plan speeds to see if there was any noticeable impact on the network. Preseem passed with flying colors, with the platform able to show the impact of plan speed increases (minimal, in this case) before they were advertised to customers.

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“Preseem allows us to provide smooth transmission of real-time and near real-time applications, leaving a lot more bandwidth for the consumers.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Guzzo
General Manager, Hudson Valley Wireless

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How a Volunteer Group Used Preseem to Reconnect 3,000 Residents After a Devastating Wildfire

In September 2020, Oregon’s Holiday Farm Wildfire swept through the McKenzie River Valley. The blaze scorched 27 miles of fiber, impacting public services and more than 1,000 homes and businesses. The efforts of a community group named Oregon Internet Response quickly restored connectivity to the region, however. Learn how they used Preseem to get up to 3,000 residents back online.

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Preseem gave us control, where we didn’t have to log into each individual device and rate limit anymore. Preseem instead provided us with a central place to see what was happening with the network and provide a better user experience.

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Geoff Turner
CEO, Elevate Technology Group

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New Zealand WISP Increases Revenue and Reduces Customer Complaints with Preseem

To address recurring “slow Internet” complaints, Taylor Communications began looking for a proactive solution that could limit the negative impact of customers using high-bandwidth apps. Learn how Preseem helped them do just that.

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“Preseem has definitely paid for itself.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Ray Taylor
CEO, Taylor Communications

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My Experience with Preseem: A Look at Grizzly Broadband with CEO Jason Pond

Learn how this Montana-based WISP improved subscriber quality of experience and reduced support calls by 25% immediately after launching Preseem.

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“Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

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E-vergent Wireless Adds $27,000 in Revenue and Reduces Churn by 28% Just Six Months After Deploying Preseem

E-vergent Wireless serves over 3,000 customers in Wisconsin and Illinois. Find out how they saw a 28% drop in subscriber cancellations and retained almost $27,000 in revenue after just six months with Preseem.

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“Guided by Preseem, we have made many improvements to our network. I believe these improvements and Preseem’s optimization are the major reasons for our customer churn significantly decreasing.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Falaschi
VP and GM, E-vergent Wireless

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Preseem and Azotel API Integration Helps Minnesota WiFi Easily and Effectively Measure and Optimize QoE

Read about how Minnesota WiFi uses Preseem’s API integration with Azotel’s SIMPLer platform to fix network QoE issues, simplify billing, and deliver a better experience to subscribers.

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“Preseem’s integration with Azotel for speed plan implementation and disconnecting non-paying customers has saved us tons of time and money!”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Darin Steffl
Owner and Operator, Minnesota WiFi

Quickline Success Story

My Experience with Preseem: A Look at Quickline Communications with Head of Operations Alasdair MacLeod

Quickline is one of the leading Wireless Internet Service Providers in the UK. Since implementing Preseem, they’ve been able to increase visibility into the performance of their access points and compare their AP performance against the global average achieved by the same model and configuration.

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“Preseem’s queueing does indeed seem to do a very reliable job. We have currently ordered quite a bit of hardware and will soon be pushing our Preseem deployment out into the whole network.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Alasdair MacLeod
Head of Operations, Quickline Communications

Ziplink Systems Success Story

Ziplink Systems Uses Preseem and Sonar Software to Upsell and Support Growth

Ziplink Systems is a fast-growing Arizona WISP who use Preseem’s integration with Sonar Software for billing, which has helped simplify plan upgrades for subscribers and made things easier for their support team. These upgrades have resulted in positive word-of-mouth and increased revenue!

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We love Preseem! It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time. We also like how Sonar and Preseem work together and help us troubleshoot customer complaints as well as perform plan upgrades easily. This helps us have happy customers and more revenue.

5 Star Rating of Preseem

David Busch
CEO, Ziplink Systems

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Fast-Growing WISP Uses Preseem to Fix “Slow Internet” Calls

Alamo Broadband is a fast-growing Texas WISP that uses Preseem to find and fix Bufferbloat issues, reduce support calls, and improve subscriber QoE. Find out how!

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“‘My Internet is slow’ calls have all but ceased.”

5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Portman
President, Alamo Broadband