Quickline Communications Success Story

Read about how a leading UK WISP has improved access point visibility and the quality of experience for their subscribers with the Preseem platform.

About Quickline Communications

Based in Yorkshire, England, Quickline Communications is one of the leading Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) in the UK. Quickline offers reliable, super-fast internet to residential and business subscribers. In early 2020, Quickline successfully deployed Preseem in a section of their network and tested its monitoring and queuing performance for a few months. Quickline has been extremely happy with the results and is currently working on a full deployment across their network.

Benefits of QoE Data and Traffic Shaping

One of the immediate benefits for Quickline since implementing Preseem has been the visibility into the performance of their access points (APs). This has allowed them to compare their AP performance against the global average performance of the same AP model and configuration, as deployed by other users. (If you’d like to do the same for your WISP, check out our annual Fixed Wireless Network Report).

This has helped Quickline understand how hard they’re pushing their gear, and highlighted areas where they had to perform additional tuning in order to maximize throughput and minimize latency.

Quickline Communications Success Story - AP Comparisons

When Quickline asked customers in their test area about their quality of experience, the general feedback was that everything felt smooth and the experience was great. After requesting that test customers perform specific tests, such as streaming content, playing online games, and making VOIP calls, Quickline further learned that customers had no issues with their experience despite accessing multiple applications at the same time.

“Preseem’s queueing does indeed seem to do a very reliable job. We have currently ordered quite a bit of hardware and will soon be pushing our Preseem deployment out into the whole network.”

Alasdair MacLeod
Head of New Infrastructure, Quickline Communications