When you choose Preseem, you’ll get the resources you need to understand and proactively improve your subscribers’ Quality of Experience (QoE). We’ve put together a handy list of some of our most popular features below.

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Take a look and see how Preseem can help you measure, analyze, and improve your subscriber QoE and help reduce churn, lower support costs, and empower your staff.

Preseem Feature: QoE Metrics for Towers, APs and Subscribers


QoE Metrics for Towers, APs and Subscribers

Understand the QoE your network delivers with metrics collected directly from subscriber traffic, including latency, upload and download throughput, and retransmissions. These are grouped by tower, access point, subscriber, and IP address to make isolating QoE problems a snap.

Preseem Feature: Daily Access Point QoE Summary


Daily Access Point QoE Summary

Simple color-based quality indicators compare the performance of your APs with thousands of others, while summarizing key performance indicators including latency, oversubscription, throughput, and active subscribers. They’ll also give you insight into the quality delivered when the demand on your network was at its highest.

Preseem Feature: Access Point QoE Optimized Shaping


Access Point QoE Optimized Shaping

Given Preseem’s understanding of your wireless network topology, our platform can implement advanced AQM-based QoE optimization at the access point level. This ensures that all of your subscribers receive a superior internet experience, even if the demand on the access point is over its capacity.

Preseem Feature: QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement


QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement

Preseem uses modern active queue management (AQM) traffic shaping techniques to seamlessly enforce plan rates. This maintains low latency (even under heavy load), while isolating network flows from negatively impacting each other, and ensures a good experience for your customers.

Preseem Feature: AP Performance Comparisons


AP Performance Comparisons

Preseem collects data from tens of thousands of access points every day so that you can see how your APs perform relative to your peers and the industry as a whole. Preseem overlays key performance metrics of individual access point models, allowing for easy identification of under-performing or overloaded APs.

Preseem Feature: AP and CPE Radio Scores


Access Point and CPE Radio Scores

These simple, 0-10 Business Value and Access Point Scores show you which subscribers are negatively affecting AP capacity, meaning you can proactively prioritize fixes that’ll have a meaningful impact on customer happiness and your bottom line.

Preseem Feature: AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics


Access Point and CPE Radio Diagnostics

Beef up your in-house RF expertise and empower non-technical staff with AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics tools that help identify and address complex issues with simple, plain-English alerts. Help your staff make smart decisions!

Preseem Feature: Unlimited User Accounts


‎Unlimited User Accounts‏‏‎‏‏

We’ve designed Preseem to be used by staff from many different roles, such as network operations or support. As such, there’s no limit on the number of staff that can have accounts and we don’t price ‘per seat.’ This means your staff can access the system whenever they need to.

Preseem Feature: CPE Radio Metrics


CPE Radio Metrics‏‏

These easy-to-understand metrics allow you to investigate and solve subscriber-specific QoE problems on an RF level all in one convenient place! This saves your staff the time and inconvenience of navigating multiple tools.

Preseem Feature - 2 Year Metric Retention


2 Year Metric Retention

Two years of metric retention gives you the history required to identify when chronic problems started and to make predictions for the future.




Simple trend indicators show which direction your AP and CPE Radio scores are heading. Give your team the tools to quickly identify which scores are trending downward so they can address the issue proactively.

Preseem pricing and transparent terms


No Long-Term Contracts!

Our flexible pricing model means you don’t get locked into a year (or years)-long contract. Simply pay month-to-month and cancel at any time.

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