Preseem gives your teams the tools to understand and proactively improve your subscribers’ quality of experience (QoE). 

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Take a look and see how Preseem can help you measure, analyze, and improve your subscriber QoE and help reduce churn, lower support costs, and empower your staff.

Reduce Churn

QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement

Get happier subscribers and fewer support calls by providing a consistent, low-latency experience that will drastically reduce ‘my internet is slow’ calls.

Reduce Churn

High Granularity Subscriber Traffic-Based QoE Measurements

Truly understand the subscriber experience with metrics that show detailed subscriber and network behavior that make troubleshooting faster and network usage monitoring easier.

Reduce Churn

QoE Measurements Tied to the Network Topology

Quickly get to the root cause of issues, and identify whether problems are network-wide or in-home, with actionable metrics that encourage proactive investment in the network.

Reduce Churn

Auto AP Capacity Management

Automatically ease latency problems on overloaded access points, and continue providing your subscribers with a great experience even when the network is at its busiest.

Reduce Churn

Automatic Access Network Discovery

Ease integration complexity and reduce your total cost of ownership with automatic subscriber and topology mapping accuracy across your network.

Reduce Churn

Subscriber and Topology (Element) Search

Quickly jump to the information and metrics associated with any subscriber or access technology element, such as access points.

Reduce Churn

Access Point and CPE Radio Diagnostics

Find common root causes of poor AP and CPE Radio performance while empowering non-technical staff to understand where the problem is and the likely cause.

Reduce Churn

Access Point and CPE Radio Scores

Easily identify APs and CPEs with poor RF conditions across many dimensions with a single, sortable score that can be used to prioritize proactive network improvements.

Reduce Churn

Access Point and CPE Radio Metrics

Reduce training and vendor-specific expertise requirements for support and network staff with a common interface that allows you to investigate issues without accessing vendor tools.

Reduce Churn

Cloud-based Architecture

Harness the power of hundreds of real-world deployments to better understand your network’s performance and lower your total cost of ownership with cloud-based data storage and analysis that requires less management and equipment maintenance.

Reduce Churn

Access Point Subscriber Capacity

Get a simple count of the number of subscribers an AP can handle, and help your sales and marketing teams target specific areas for upsell and growth.

Reduce Churn

Plan Assurance

Coming soon!

Leverage Preseem’s global data pool to understand the network’s ability to deliver a given plan speed while maintaining a great experience for your subscribers.

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Access Technology

Preseem gives fixed wireless and fiber network operators the tools to understand and proactively improve the subscriber quality of experience (QoE). This enables higher customer satisfaction while lowering operational costs and increasing revenue for regional ISPs.

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