Proactive Quality of Experience (QoE)

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Preseem gives your teams the tools to understand and proactively improve the quality of experience for your subscribers.

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What is Proactive QoE


Preseem focuses on providing operators with the tools to proactively manage their network to achieve a great subscriber experience. Our QoE metrics identify the areas of the network that deliver a poor experience and our scores make managing fixed wireless networks dramatically easier. We also provide the traffic management tools you need to ease congestion problems when required.

Delivering a great subscriber experience is 80% proactive management and 20% traffic management. Other QoE solutions focus on mitigating congestion through artificial bandwidth limits—this is not what your subscribers want. With Preseem, your teams are more productive, and your customers get a great Internet experience that feels fast even during peak busy hours, which means you get happier customers.

Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report Q3 Edition - 2021
Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report Q3 Edition - 2021

Get the Preseem Advantage


Our cloud-based architecture provides a centralized view across all vendors, models, and inline elements. This means there’s no need to log in to multiple locations or servers to see different parts of the network. You’ll also benefit from the massive data pool generated by the billions of metrics Preseem collects each day from our growing base of hundreds of regional operators worldwide.

We map to your network topology and measure customer traffic directly to help you understand the QoE being delivered. With Preseem, you can measure your network performance against real-world data and use it to analyze, identify, and prioritize areas of the network to improve or fix before the customer calls.

Preseem For Your Teams

Preseem has insightful data-based tools and metrics to benefit every team in your organization.

Reduce Churn

Access Network Operations

Manage your network proactively and efficiently with insightful RF analytics, traffic-based QoE measurements, and a single pane view of your operations.


Reduce the volume of tickets received by your support team. Give them tools to find the root cause of issues faster, access information quickly, and increase their expertise and efficiency.

Network Managers

Core Network Operations

Simplify your operations with a single point of plan enforcement, use high granularity measurements to understand subscriber QoE, and save time for your core network team.

ISP Owners

Executive and Finance

Get the most out of your network investment and optimize your sales and marketing spend, while increasing the flexibility to add new vendors and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Optimize Network ROI

Sales and Marketing

Get more referrals and five-star reviews, identify upsell opportunities, and add new revenue with no new investment with a data-based approach that tells you exactly where you can sell.

Make Your ISP More Competitive


Deliver a consistent, low latency experience to stop self-congestion, delight your subscribers and help them become advocates for your service.

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Preseem is compatible with our affordable appliances or your off-the-shelf Linux server.

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Fixed Wireless Network Report

Leveraging Preseem’s extensive data set across hundreds of WISPs, our acclaimed Fixed Wireless Network Report provides a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment. 

Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report Q3 Edition - 2021

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Free 30-Day Trial

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Hands-On Training

Whether you use a Preseem appliance or your own hardware, we provide friendly, in-depth guidance.

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Preseem’s comprehensive documentation provides the information and help you want.

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Responsive Support

In-app, email, and phone support. The knowledgeable Preseem team is here to help, any time, anywhere.

Ongoing Improvements

The Preseem team is always working on updates that bring new features and capabilities to the platform.

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