Ziplink Systems Success Story

How an Arizona WISP uses Preseem and Sonar to generate upsell opportunities and support growth.

About Ziplink Systems

Ziplink Systems is a young and fast-growing Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) based in sunny Queen Creek, Arizona. Recently, Ziplink’s founder and CEO David Busch began noticing complaints from customers about streaming issues, even those on 25 Mbps plans. As a result, he started looking for a QoE solution able to deliver a great experience for users across all applications, especially streaming video. After a demo and some initial network deployment orientation, David started with Preseem in April 2020. After installation, he was immediately able to start taking advantage of our integration with Sonar, which he was already using as his billing system.

Using Preseem’s QoE Data to Troubleshoot Effectively

Recalling a recent support call with a customer on the lowest speed tier/package that Ziplink Systems sells, David mentioned the following:

  • The customer complained about ‘internet cutting out sometimes during the day’ but ‘no TV buffering’
  • Upon investigating with Preseem, David found that the customer was constantly maxing out their 10 Mbps connection regularly
  • The only reason the customer was still having no trouble streaming video was because of Preseem’s QoE optimized shaping, which ensures that subscribers get a good experience even when maxing out their connection
  • After explaining that the intermittent internet issues were being caused by the 10Mbps plan being saturated, David was able to upgrade the customer’s plan to a higher speed package

In many customer interactions, David continues to use Preseem charts to provide evidence to customers of their usage behavior, data consumed, and other aspects that help explain or troubleshoot issues.

Leveraging Preseem and Sonar

David said the integration between the Sonar billing system and Preseem empowers his support staff to do their job well. His staff members can drill right from Sonar into Preseem metrics for a customer via the integration, resulting in several easy upgrades for their subscribers David said these upgrades and the subsequent increase in additional revenue easily pays for Preseem’s monthly subscription.

He also said that improving the QoE that his WISP delivers to subscribers actually results in more revenue (through plan upgrades and word-of-mouth marketing). As a business goal, he said that if Ziplink focuses on happy customers (and using software platforms that help achieve that), revenue will come.

Happy woman working on laptop

“We LOVE Preseem. It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time. We also like how Sonar and Preseem work together and help us troubleshoot customer complaints as well as perform plan upgrades easily. This helps us have happy customers and more revenue.”

David Busch
CEO, Ziplink Systems