Preseem + Sonar Software

Our API integration with Sonar Software allows WISPs to measure and optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) flowing through their network.

Preseem + Sonar Software Billing Integration Graphic

One Seamless Integration

The Preseem + Sonar Software API integration allows for smooth deployments and easy and effective workflows.


Preseem is a cloud-based QoE platform that gives regional operators the tools to understand and proactively improve the experience of their subscribers, resulting in increased efficiency, happier customers, and a healthier network.

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Sonar Software

Sonar provides an intuitive cloud-based communications platform for billing, infrastructure, business intelligence, and other mission-critical tools for telecommunications providers across the globe.

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Typical Deployment Visualization

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Preseem + Sonar Software API Deployment Diagram

Integration Features & Benefits

Preseem + Sonar Software API - Reduce Errors

No More Data Entry Errors

Avoid the hassle of manual data entry and the errors that come along with it.

Preseem + Sonar Software API - Save Time

Easy & Effective Workflows

Save time for your staff with effortless workflows.

Faster Deployments

Save on support costs with smooth, speedy deployments.

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Single Point of Data Entry

For plans and network inventory, any changes in Sonar Software are immediately reflected in Preseem.

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Automatic Plan Enforcement

Optimized QoE enforcement based on Sonar plans, including blocking delinquent customers.

Preseem + Sonar Software Integration:

Tap Into Your Growth Potential

Discover ways to increase revenue and reduce operating costs by using bandwidth efficiently, prioritizing interactive traffic, and delivering a better customer experience. Featuring Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO of Preseem, and Simon Westlake, CEO of Sonar Software.

The Customer Experience Using Preseem + Sonar Software

“We love Preseem! It’s one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time. We also like how Sonar and Preseem work together and help us troubleshoot customer complaints as well as perform plan upgrades easily. This helps us have happy customers and more revenue!”

David Busch, CEO, Ziplink Systems

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