Level Up Team Expertise

Empower your non-technical staff and help your in-house experts become more efficient.

Save Time and Keep Things Simple

As the saying goes: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” As a fixed wireless provider, you’re surrounded by complex data and highly technical information that can be difficult to explain to non-technical staff and customers. Why not make your life easier with our built-in scoring and metrics tools that allow you and your staff to understand sophisticated data in a simple and clear way.

Get Proactive

Subscriber traffic QoE measurements identify parts of the network that deliver a poor experience. Our simple, 0-10 Business Value and Access Point Scores show you which subscribers are negatively affecting AP capacity.

This means you can proactively prioritize fixes that’ll have a real impact on customer happiness and your bottom line.

Level Up Team Expertise: Get Proactive
Screenshot of Preseem's Access Point and RF Scores

Increase Your Expertise

Get your own in-house RF expert with AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics tools that empower non-technical staff to identify and address complex issues with simple, plain-English alerts. Help your staff make smart decisions.

Know Your Capacity

Uncomplicated AP Subscriber Capacity counts show you at-a-glance if an AP can handle more subscribers, or whether it’s overloaded and needs to be upgraded or split. Solve capacity issues before they begin!

Level Up Team Expertise: Know Your Capacity
Screenshot of Downstream Bitrate in Preseem

Measure Your Success

See how you compare to your peers using easy-to-read graphs and scoring that show CPE Radio and AP global performance information drawn from hundreds of other ISPs.

Preseem Is Here To Help

Think of Preseem as the ‘easy button’ that can help your support staff identify the root cause of any issues that are occurring with greater efficiency and accuracy. Simplified metrics can also help you grow your business—better support means happier customers that stay with you longer and post positive reviews, and your marketing will benefit from simplified data that you can use as proof of your effectiveness!

“It gives me peace of mind that my network is running smoothly and my customers are getting what they pay for. We use Preseem to shape our customer traffic and monitor the overall health of the network. It’s a great tool to enforce your different speed tiers without sacrificing significant resources. Preseem is also an amazing tool to help with troubleshooting. You can identify if issues are AP, tower, or network-specific with an easy-to-use GUI that graphs all of the relevant data points for your network.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Lou Elliott
CEO & Founder, Streamline

Additional Benefits of Preseem

Free 30-Day Trial

See the power of Preseem in your network with a free trial! No credit card required.
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Hands-On Training

Whether you use a Preseem appliance or your own hardware, we provide friendly, in-depth guidance.

Robust Documentation

Preseem’s comprehensive documentation provides the information and help you want.
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Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. All Preseem appliances come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Responsive Support

In-app, email, and phone support. The knowledgeable Preseem team is here to help, any time, anywhere.

Ongoing Improvements

The Preseem team is always working on updates that bring new features and capabilities to the platform.