Vistabeam Case Study

“With Preseem, Vistabeam isn’t just gathering numbers; we’re turning them into strategy, making our current network work harder and smarter.”

Enhancing Quality of Internet Service with Preseem: A Vistabeam Case Study

In the ever-evolving landscape of broadband provisioning, Vistabeam stands as a shining example of how innovation can transform the customer experience. A pioneering wireless and fiber internet service provider in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming, Vistabeam has embraced Preseem, a cloud-based platform for Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization, to revolutionize its services.

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The Challenge

Vistabeam, like many ISPs, faces many challenges in maintaining a high-quality internet experience for its customers. These challenges include:

  • Network Congestion: Managing network congestion and ensuring consistent speeds during peak hours.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction in a competitive market was imperative, and any degradation in service quality could impact customer retention.
  • Underutilized Access Points: Driving traffic to access points that have available network capacity.

Vistabeam recognized the need for a solution that would not only monitor network performance but also optimize it in real-time. As such, it turned to Preseem to address these challenges.

Implementation of Preseem

Preseem was seamlessly integrated into Vistabeam’s network infrastructure. The implementation process involved:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Preseem continuously monitored network performance, allowing Vistabeam to identify issues as they occurred.
  • Traffic Shaping: The platform enabled Vistabeam to ensure consistent and reliable service.
  • Subscriber-level Insights: Vistabeam gained access to subscriber-level QoE metrics, enabling them to address individual customer issues promptly.
  • Business Value Score: Looking at the Business Value Score to identify customers that are most likely to churn and reacting accordingly to retain them. It also provides an action plan to increase customer capacity on an AP by improving low business value scores on individual subscribers.
  • Capacity numbers: Utilizing the capacity numbers to identify APs that are underutilized, and create marketing efforts toward those areas.
Preseem's Available Subscriber Capacity score

The Available Subscriber Capacity score in Preseem shows clearly which APs are overloaded and which have room to add more customers.


The implementation of Preseem yielded remarkable results for Vistabeam:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: By optimizing network performance and minimizing congestion, Vistabeam significantly improved customer satisfaction levels. Reduced customer complaints and increased retention rates were observed.
  • Consistent Quality: Preseem’s traffic shaping capabilities ensured that customers received consistent and reliable internet speeds, even during peak usage hours.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Real-time analytics provided by Preseem empowered Vistabeam to make data-driven decisions regarding network upgrades and improvements.
  • Competitive Edge: Vistabeam gained a competitive edge by offering superior QoE compared to other ISPs in the region.
  • Marketing Advantage: Business Value Scores allow Vistabeam to retain possible churns while capacity numbers help identify underutilized access points.


In embracing Preseem, Vistabeam has not only met the challenges of the modern ISP industry but has exceeded customer expectations.

“In this industry, everyone’s got data. But it’s what you do with it that counts. With Preseem, Vistabeam isn’t just gathering numbers; we’re turning them into strategy, making our current network work harder and smarter. It’s like getting more from what you already have, and for me, that’s the smartest investment,” said Patrick Croft, Vistabeam’s Marketing Director.

Through real-time monitoring, traffic shaping, subscriber-level insights, and market awareness, Vistabeam has achieved a level of service quality that sets them apart in the market. Preseem has not only improved Vistabeam’s network performance but also enhanced its reputation as a customer-centric ISP. As Vistabeam continues to grow and innovate, Preseem remains an essential partner in its mission to deliver exceptional internet experiences to its valued customers.

Watch the video below to learn first-hand how Preseem helped Vistabeam reduce churn, improve customer satisfaction, and slash support calls by 50% overnight.