Core Network Operations

Simplify your operations with a single point of plan enforcement, use high granularity measurements to understand subscriber QoE, and save time for your core network team.

Simplify Your Network Operations

Our QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement helps simplify your work by providing a single point of enforcement across technologies and vendors.

This reduces integration complexity and makes it easier to introduce new vendors and models to the network.

You can have multiple inline elements but all are viewed through one combined interface, providing you a single logical point for enforcement across the network.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Truly Understand the Subscriber Experience

Preseem takes high granularity subscriber traffic-based QoE measurements and ties them directly back to the topology, all without adding traffic to the network.

These network/transport layer QoE measurements help surface many causes of a poor quality of experience. You’ll also be able to quickly identify if an issue is network-wide or specific to one subscriber. Examples of problems we’ll help you isolate include:


  • Overloaded backhauls and APs
  • In-home Wi-Fi problems
  • Bad bonded link configs
  • Overloaded routers
  • Bad optical cables

Get the Information You Need Quickly

Our cloud-based architecture provides a centralized view across all vendors, models and inline elements, so there’s no need to log in to different locations or servers to see different parts of the network.

Also, our subscriber topology and element search capabilities mean your team can quickly jump to information and metrics associated with any subscriber on any access technology element (e.g. access point).

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Reduce Your Integration Burden

Our Automatic Access Network Discovery can also help save time by:


  • Requiring less provisioning information, making integration easier and reducing TCO
  • Improving subscriber and topology mapping accuracy for Preseem use cases
  • Allowing your team to audit provisioning information in other systems using Preseem data

"Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%!"
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

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