Deliver a consistent low-latency experience to delight your subscribers and help them become advocates for your service.

Give Your Customers the Best Experience

Preseem’s QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement uses active queue management to deliver a reliable, low-latency experience to your customers.

This means subscribers won’t experience slow internet issues, even when multiple people in the home are online at the same time.

As we often say, “throughput matters but subscribers feel latency.” Low latency means less support calls, happier customers, and more referrals and steady recurring revenue.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Solve Self-Congestion Issues

Congestion within a subscriber’s plan rate (or self-congestion) can contribute to a poor quality of experience. QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement helps eliminate common support issues like:


  • My internet feels slow when the kids do a big game download
  • My Zoom meeting quality is poor when someone else in the house is watching video
  • My game is laggy when another family member is using the internet heavily
  • My Netflix buffers when the family is watching multiple streams

Reduce Support Interactions

Despite everyone’s best efforts, you’re still going to get support calls from subscribers at some point. The ideal is to have the experience be as smooth and positive as possible, for your support team as well as the customer.

Preseem provides visibility on each individual subscriber via our high granularity traffic-based QoE measurements. This helps improve customer engagement when they call the support line, as your rep can understand what the customer is seeing and look at historical information to confirm.

Put it this way—proactive tools help you avoid as many support calls as possible, while support tools make them shorter.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency

"Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%!"
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

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