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Get the most out of your network investment dollars and optimize your sales and marketing spend, while increasing the flexibility to add new vendors and lowering the total cost of ownership.

Invest Strategically in Your Network

Our Quality of Experience measurements are tied directly to the network topology, allowing your organization to target CAPEX investment into areas that are delivering a poor experience. This means you can specifically invest in areas that will help customers, improve QoE, and enable growth. As well, our Auto AP Capacity Management Shaping allows you to delay upgrades on access points while still delivering a good subscriber experience. Give your RF experts the tools they need to proactively fix issues, instead of spending all their time putting out fires.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency

Improve Your ROI

Use data to your financial advantage with Preseem’s Access Point Subscriber Capacity scores. These show you the APs in your network with available capacity, allowing you to proactively target your sales and marketing efforts specifically at areas where you know you can add more customers.

This also means you’ll be able to pinpoint equipment investment to the areas that need capacity the most, instead of those where new customers can already be supported.

    Easily Add New Vendors

    Preseem provides a single logical point of plan enforcement across access technologies and vendors. This reduces integration complexity and makes it much easier to introduce new vendors and models to your network.

    You can also switch vendors more easily without expensive organization-wide retraining costs. This gives you deployment flexibility and puts you in a better negotiating position with hardware vendors.

    Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency
    Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency

    Lower the Total Cost of Ownership

    Our cloud-based architecture means that data storage and analysis happens in the cloud, and the only equipment to maintain is the inline element. This also enables data-based features that are impossible with a distributed data architecture, while upgrades and improvements (with the exception of inline elements) don’t require management or intervention.

    With easier integrations, more efficient staff, and proactive data-driven improvements, the total cost of maintaining your network can be lowered.

      "Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%!"
      5 Star Rating of Preseem

      Jason Pond
      CEO, Grizzly Broadband

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