WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED | Industry Event Recap

WISP Virtual Summit 2021 RELOADED Industry Event Recap

by | April 23, 2021 | Events

The WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED reached new milestones for online fixed wireless industry events! The second iteration of the summit, organized by Preseem and sponsored by leading industry vendors, ended on March 31st, 2021.

Building on the success of Preseem’s first-ever online summit, the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED took place across three days and featured presentations by industry experts and established fixed wireless ISPs, with opportunities for the WISP community to network with peers and win prizes.

In order to showcase the scale, scope, and impact of this event, we’ve put together a recap below.

We’ve also made core sessions from the event available on demand for free!

All About the Attendees

Due to its online nature, the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED was a worldwide event and completely free.

More than 600 members of the fixed wireless industry participated in this trailblazing event. WISP owners and operators, industry experts, consultants, government figures, and representatives from leading vendors and manufacturers were among those in attendance.

Attendees joined from over 60 countries, including the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Peru, Italy, and Germany!

Attendees were able to create their own event schedule by choosing between 17 sessions spanning three different tracks: Future-Proof Your WISP, Starting and Scaling Right, and Advanced Networking.

Attendees signed up to attend an average of seven sessions each, many of which featured WISP owners and operators who shared their first-hand business and industry knowledge.

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED Website

Sessions for Startups, Experienced Professionals, and Everyone In Between

The sessions available at WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED included WISP business best practices, network design and management tips, and sponsored vendor presentations, among others. As well, a panel of expert speakers led each session—tapping into their combined knowledge to deliver engaging and informative presentations.

To further enrich the online experience, a live Q&A followed each session, during which presenters responded to participants’ questions via video. As a bonus, each entrant that participated in a live Q&A was automatically entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Each day of the virtual event, attendees also had the opportunity to participate in special Zoom networking sessions. These sessions allowed participants to chat with their peers via video about timely topics such as Starlink, while also sharing their own business insights.

The average session garnered 261 registrations, with some of the more popular sessions attracting 300+ attendees.

Notably, one of the most popular tracks, titled “Starting and Scaling Right,” featured three sessions in which experienced owners and operators of different-sized WISPs shared their business insights.

Sessions from vendors covered a diverse range of topics, including how to deliver gigabit speeds with a wireless network (Cambium Networks), an ISP roadmap for 2021 (Visp.net), and methods for creatively financing a WISP (Ritalia Funding).

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED Website Session Screenshot

Nick Buraglio, owner of The Forwarding Plane, delivers a presentation on Core and Backhaul Network Design at the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED.

An Online Event with Real-World Benefits

In addition to joining expert sessions and connecting with industry professionals during the live Q&As and networking times, attendees also had the opportunity to win a variety of prizes.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of any tradeshow or WISPA event is being able to collect and take home swag. As such, attendees had the opportunity to win gift cards and physical prizes throughout WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED.

We made it easy for attendees to win prizes, with incentives for both registering and participating in the summit.

Registrants were automatically entered to win a physical swag box. This box contained goodies such as a T-shirt from Cambium Networks, a water bottle from Visp.net, a journal from Ritalia Funding, and a mug from Preseem.

In total, we shipped 100 swag boxes out, which lucky participants can expect to arrive by mid-May.

Overall, attendees amassed $1,450 worth of gift cards simply by participating in sessions at the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED!

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED Swag Box

A look at the prizes that were available to be won at the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED.

An Opportunity to Watch Sessions from the Summit

In order to help WISPs make the most out of the content from the summit, we provided each attendee with unrestricted access to core sessions from the event!

We want WISPs to succeed with their businesses, and we feel that the content contained within these sessions will help them do just that! That’s why we’re also allowing individuals that missed the event to access recordings of core sessions from the summit for free via the WISP Virtual Summit On Demand

At Preseem, we are incredibly thankful to all the attendees, partners, and supporters that have helped us organize the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED. This online event was a great opportunity for the WISP community to connect, learn from one another, and have some fun during an otherwise difficult time in the world. >As a result, we look forward to bringing similar events to the WISP community in the years to come!

As the pandemic eases, the Preseem team will continue to be a part of in-person tradeshows and exhibitions. In this regard, we’re excited to be showcasing the Preseem platform at booth #521 at WISPAMERICA 2021 from April 27-29!

Watch 12 Expert Sessions On Demand—For Free

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