WISP Virtual Summit 2020 On Demand

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by | October 5, 2020 | Events

WISP Virtual Summit 2020 On Demand

A few weeks ago, Preseem organized the first-ever WISP Virtual Summit. This online event featured a series of informative presentations relevant to WISPs. It was made possible by the generous support of WISPA and other industry sponsors.

The summit also included a virtual trade show that showcased products and services from leading vendors. More than 500 attendees attended this one-day summit, which set new benchmarks for online events in the WISP industry.

Since organizing the WISP Virtual Summit, we’ve been thrilled with the response that it’s received! As a result, we’ve decided to make the recordings of all the core sessions available for free!

Now anyone can access these informative presentations online. Just click the button below to check out the WISP Virtual Summit On Demand, or keep reading to learn more.

Watch the video below to see everything included in the WISP Virtual Summit On Demand:

What’s Included

The WISP Virtual Summit On Demand features 12 core sessions, including a keynote from WISPA’s President, Claude Aiken. It also has important FCC announcements, tips and tricks from successful WISPs, and a ton of wireless networking insights!

Claude Aiken’s keynote address focuses on examples of WISPs that have emerged as heroes by keeping their communities connected throughout the pandemic.

WISPA’s Christina Mason and Louis Paerartz also host a session on the latest FCC developments and how they impact WISPs.

Several sessions also feature WISP owners and operators who share their insights on how to grow a WISP at the 1,000, 3,000, and 10,000+ subscriber levels.

Additional sessions included in the on-demand summit cover technical topics such as core and network backhaul design tips, radio network best practices, and the idea of fiber being a single point of failure in a network. There are also a variety of general sessions, such as one covering proven marketing tips for WISPs and another which discusses the rise of hybrid ISPs.

So grab a snack, sit back, and watch a series of informative sessions from the WISP Virtual Summit On Demand! As a result, you’re sure to learn something new that can help you grow your business and get ahead.

We’d like to recognize our industry partners who supported the development of the WISP Virtual Summit: Atheral, Aviat Networks, Azotel / Solutions4Ebiz, BillMax, Cambium Networks, IP ArchiTechs, Micronet, Ping Marketing, RF elements, SAF Tehnika, Towercoverage, VISP.net, and WISPA.

The Preseem team looks forward to organizing similar fixed wireless industry events in the future.

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