Measure, Analyze, Improve.

Preseem enables WISPs to reduce churn and support costs by measuring, analyzing, and improving the subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE).


Preseem at a Glance

Preseem The Wireless Summary

Wireless Summary

Preseem collects billions of performance metrics per day across access points and towers, providing an at-a-glance view of your network’s Quality of Experience (QoE) for fast, effective troubleshooting and proactive network maintenance.

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Preseen The Subscriber Summary

Subscriber Summary

Unlike other monitoring tools, Preseem analyzes a huge data set to extract meaningful and actionable insights that provide L1 support staff with the ability to easily identify parts of your network that deliver a poor experience.

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Preseem Optimization Icon

QoE Optimized Shaping

Preseem’s hands-off approach to subscriber plan enforcement and traffic optimization ensures that your subscribers get a great experience, even if their internet connection or network is congested.

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Preseem Analysis Icon

Metrics Explorer

We provide real-time, detailed metrics extracted directly from your subscriber traffic and combined with traditional polling approaches, allowing for an accurate diagnosis of network and subscriber problems.

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Preseem Billing Integrations

Billing Integrations

Preseem offers numerous API integrations with leading billing software systems and OSS platforms, allowing for faster deployments, easy and effective workflows to save you time, and reduced data entry errors.

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Trusted by WISPs Everywhere

“Preseem is worth every penny. It has helped us troubleshoot customers’ speed complaints. It also has helped make us more $$$ by knowing when to upgrade that customer’s plan.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Kent Urwiller
CEO, Prairie Hills Wireless

“Preseem takes all the guesswork out of traffic shaping, it just works! This has been one of the easiest and most hassle-free deployments of a hardware/software platform I have come across.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Mark Petrocchi
CTO, Align Tec

“Our total bandwidth utilization dropped about 15 to 20% and my trouble-call text messages and phone calls have dropped about 80%. Amazing!”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jeff Taylor
CEO, Falcon Internet

See How Preseem Helps

Preseem ISP Owners Icon

ISP Owners

Preseem empowers ISP owners to fix network issues and expand network performance while reducing costs.


Preseem Network Managers Icon

Network Managers

Preseem enables prompt network troubleshooting and proactive performance improvements. 


Preseem for Support Teams Featured Image

Support Teams

Preseem helps with quick support call resolution, leading to happier customers and increased profitability.


WISPs Get Real Results with Preseem

A WISP Tower

E-Vergent Reduces Churn by 28% and Adds $27,000 in Revenue in Just Six Months

Learn how Preseem’s QoE traffic shaping platform helped Wisconsin WISP E-vergent reduce subscriber cancellations and increase revenue.

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An image of a satisfied customer, because her WISP uses Preseem

Grizzly Broadband’s Customer Support Call Volume Drops by More Than 25%

See how Grizzly Broadband, a hybrid ISP from Montana, experienced a dramatic drop in support calls by replacing traditional traffic shaping with Preseem.

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An image of a WISP finding new revenue sources with Preseem

Taylor Communications Virtually Eliminates Slow Speed Complaints

Learn how this New Zealand-based WISP dramatically reduced calls about slow internet from customers maxing their plan speeds after deploying Preseem.

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There’s More to Preseem

Free 30-Day Trial

See the power of Preseem in your network with a free trial! No credit card required.

Hands-On Training

Whether you use a Preseem appliance or your own hardware, we provide friendly, in-depth guidance.

Robust Documentation

Preseem’s comprehensive documentation provides the information and help you want.

Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. All Preseem appliances come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Responsive Support

In-app, email, and phone support. The knowledgeable Preseem team is here to help, any time, anywhere.

Ongoing Improvements

The Preseem team is always working on updates that bring new features and capabilities to the platform.
Preseem Interface

Deploying Preseem is Easy

Book a demo with us to start your free 30-day trial and we’ll guide you through hardware requirements and pricing.


Preseem is compatible with our affordable appliances or your off-the-shelf Linux server.

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Transparent, all-inclusive pricing starts at just $0.50/subscriber, with volume discounts available.

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Our Gift to You: A WISP Must-Read

Leveraging Preseem’s extensive data set across hundreds of WISPs, our acclaimed Fixed Wireless Network Report provides a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment. 

Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report Q3 Edition - 2021
Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot