Preseem Review – Video Testimonial by Paladin Wireless

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by | November 29, 2018 | Reviews/Case Studies, Video Blog

Preseem Review by Paladin Wireless

This is a post summarizing a recent Preseem review by a WISP customer. Click here to read more Preseem reviews and testimonials.

There’s something special about real, unedited customer reviews.

We love when a happy customer tells us the impact Preseem has had on their network and subscriber QoE. It’s even better when the customer records a video detailing the impact!

That brings us to Casper Faust, Field Operations Manager at Paladin Wireless, a WISP in Royston, Georgia.

Paladin Wireless recently deployed Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform. Their aim was to get granular network insights and also replace their traditional UBNT shaping with Preseem’s QoE optimized shaping.

Deployment Experience and Impact

In this two-minute video testimonial, Casper talks about Paladin’s engagement with Preseem before deployment and their experience with our onboarding team. He also mentions how Preseem’s staff took care of setting up their server, and installing the operating system and Preseem itself. Importantly, he mentions how Paladin had to do very little during this process. He adds that he appreciates knowing that he’ll get a human voice at the other end every time he reaches out.

Within five days of being in-line and generating network insights, Paladin Wireless took the decision to turn our QoE optimized shaping on. After that, Casper noticed the significant impact traffic shaping based on FQ-CoDel had on his subscribers.

The same day Preseem was activated, Casper noticed that the latency for a selected customer dropped dramatically after Preseem’s traffic shaping kicked in. Going into a busy holiday weekend, Casper noticed that the improved experience was network-wide. Additionally, this saved him from the extra stress of incoming calls during peak holiday streaming periods.

This is a classic case of Preseem’s platform helping a WISP get detailed network insights and optimize their customers’ experience. Above all, happier customers lead to lower churn, reduced support costs, and increased profitability. That’s what Preseem is all about!

Watch the Preseem Review Video

Just click on the video below to watch this Preseem review by Casper Faust, Field Operations Manager at Paladin Wireless.

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