Reduce Churn

Give your subscribers a great experience, retain more customers, and watch your company grow!

Improve Subscriber QoE

The number one key to reducing churn and retaining subscribers is to give them a great experience. After all, happy customers don’t leave!

Preseem makes delighting your subs easy with Active Queue Management (AQM) traffic shaping that prioritizes interactive traffic (such as video calls or gaming) over bulk transfers (such as streaming video) to ease congestion, reduce latency, and make the quality of experience (QoE) better for everyone in the home.

Low-latency internet will still feel fast for your subscribers even at lower bandwidth—remember, it’s not all about the bandwidth! These simple techniques will drastically reduce “my internet is slow” calls and fix those “our Netflix quality is terrible when my kids are playing Minecraft” issues. Your customers—and your support team—will love it!

Preseem Wireless Summary screenshots

“Prior to having Preseem in our network, speed control was a nightmare and customers were always complaining of slow internet speeds. After Preseem was put in, those complaints have dropped to almost none. Preseem also gives us good tools to use to diagnose network issues and usage habits. It is a vital part of our network.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Steve Barnes
Vice President of Operations, NLBC

Screenshot of Wireless Summary Daily View in Preseem
Screenshot showing Access Point Latency Over Time in Preseem's Wireless Summary

Keep Your Network Healthy

Keeping your network in tip-top shape is an important key to retaining customers and generating a positive buzz about your business. At some point, network issues are going to occur—that’s just a fact of life. Being able to identify those issues easily or—better yet—before they affect your subscribers is ideal.

Preseem measures QoE directly from subscriber traffic and presents QoE statistics at the subscriber, access point, and tower levels to make it easy for your team to diagnose any problems that are affecting performance, and fix them.

With Preseem, you’ll be able to proactively identify areas of the network that deliver a poor experience. Our QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement can help improve the service you provide, while your support team will benefit from tools that allow them to work faster and more efficiently.

Happy customers don’t just stick around—they also tell their friends, family, and neighbors, and are more likely to leave five-star online reviews. Giving your subscribers the best possible experience is clearly just the right thing to do, but it can also make life easier for your support team and have a positive impact on your reputation and bottom line.

Ruduce Churn with Preseem: Wireless Summary Daily View
Ruduce Churn with Preseem: Wireless Summary Network View

“(With Preseem), we’re able to see so much more about our network that you really couldn’t see from a single pane of glass without spending hours and hours digging into logs.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Reggie Gierke 
President and CEO, KBMF, Kingsburg, CA

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