Lower Support Costs

Save time and money by giving your support team the tools they need to resolve tickets efficiently while keeping your customers happy.

Get Fewer Support Calls by Improving the Experience for Your Customers

One of the most obvious ways to reduce support time and costs is to simply get fewer calls, complaints, or tickets. The good news is that giving your customers a better experience will take care of that for you.

Using Preseem, you can isolate parts of the network that provide poor QoE, whether it’s a tower, an AP, or an individual subscriber’s connection, and address the issue proactively, before the customer calls.

Our QoE optimized traffic shaping helps eliminate ‘slow internet’ complaints, while lower latency means the internet ‘feels faster’ to subscribers. This means happier customers and support staff, fewer costly truck rolls, and more time in your day to keep your business growing.

Screenshot of Preseem showing lower latency

“We knew that some access points on the network had capacity to go sell additional bandwidth, and we knew that some access points on the network were overloaded. But we were spending 10, 15-plus hours every week combing through a variety of systems to try and identify this. And with these new features from Preseem, it’s a click of a button.”

Joshua Nowak, Operations Manager, ZIRKEL Wireless

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Screenshot of Preseem's CPE Radio Metrics

Help Your Support Team Become More Effective

Having the right tools for a job is crucial to doing it well, and your support team is no different. Empower your support specialists with a near real-time view of latency, throughput, and other key metrics, a single source of truth for subscriber information, and historical reporting that shows when any subscriber behavioral changes occurred.

With our CPE Radio Metrics, your support team can now instantly identify whether a subscriber QoE issue is related to their home wi-fi or connection—no more ‘staring and comparing’ at multiple systems. Support your support staff and help them provide the best help possible for your customers!

“Preseem helped us reduce our weekly support calls by over 25%!”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jason Pond
CEO, Grizzly Broadband

Additional Benefits of Preseem

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Whether you use a Preseem appliance or your own hardware, we provide friendly, in-depth guidance.

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Buy with confidence. All Preseem appliances come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Responsive Support

In-app, email, and phone support. The knowledgeable Preseem team is here to help, any time, anywhere.

Ongoing Improvements

The Preseem team is always working on updates that bring new features and capabilities to the platform.