Quality of Experience (QoE) refers to how the network performs from the perspective of the subscriber. The trick with that is the perspective of the subscriber is a very subjective thing. What we try and do with Preseem is to take this very subjective element into a set of metrics that you can actually monitor in your WISP network and if those metrics are good, you know that you’re delivering a good quality of experience.

The trick with traditional network monitoring typically based on SNMP is that it monitors network elements and is black and white. It often tells you if something is up or down. In reality, it’s much more nuanced than that with a gray scale.


QoE, as perceived by your customers, is a combination of throughput, latency, packet loss and service variation. And if any of these are out of order a little bit, like too high latency or too high packet loss, the quality of experience will go down dramatically for your customers. To learn more about these metrics, check out our previous post here.

If these metrics are good and you keep delivering good quality of experience, you’ll get happier customers, lower churn, and lower support costs.

To learn how you can monitor & optimize your subscriber’s quality of experience (QoE), book a 15-minute demo by clicking here.

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