What is Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) and Why Does it Matter?

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by | August 15, 2017 | Video Blog, WISP Tips

What is Subscriber Quality of Experience?

Subscriber Quality of Experience (QoE) refers to how a network performs from the perspective of the subscriber. However, the perspective of the subscriber can be very subjective. With Preseem, we convert this subjective element into a set of metrics that you can monitor in your WISP network. If those metrics are good, then you know you’re delivering a good quality of experience.

Traditional network monitoring is typically based on SNMP and monitors network elements in black and white. That is, it tells you if something is up or down. In reality, it’s much more nuanced than that and should be thought of as being many shades of gray.


Why Subscriber QoE Matters

Subscriber quality of experience in networking is a combination of throughput, latency, packet loss, and service variation. If any of these are out of whack, e.g. latency or packet loss is too high, the quality of experience will go down dramatically for your customers. To learn more about these QoE analysis metrics, check out our previous post here.

If your metrics are good and you keep delivering a good quality of experience, you’ll get happier customers, as well as lower churn and support costs.

About Preseem

Preseem is a unique networking solution that helps WISPs measure, analyze, and optimize subscriber QoE. We can also help you keep your customers, get fewer support calls, and increase revenue. To learn how you can monitor and optimize the QoE of your subscribers, click here to book a demo with us.

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