Preseem Launches Automatic AP Capacity Management

Automatic Access Point Capacity Management feature launch for Preseem

by | May 15, 2023 | Preseem News

WATERLOO, ON – 05-15-2023 – Think of it as the easy button for managing network congestion.

Preseem’s new Automatic Access Point Capacity Management feature is a hands-off solution that ensures internet service providers (ISPs) provide a superior experience to subscribers when networks are at their busiest.

Join our launch webinar on Tuesday, May 16th at 2 p.m. Eastern to see this new feature in action.

Why is Automatic Access Point Capacity Management Needed?

Access Points (APs) are the most common congestion points in a fixed wireless network. Preseem’s new feature addresses this by providing automatic bandwidth control on busy APs. This means internet users still get a great quality of experience (QoE) when the network is congested, instead of experiencing slow speeds or other issues.

The first step to managing congestion is proactively managing the network’s capacity to meet subscriber demands. Preseem’s existing Access Point and CPE Radio scores already greatly simplify this task, require little RF expertise, and work across AP manufacturers.

When adding capacity is not an option, however, regional operators need a network- and application-neutral solution to maintain an excellent subscriber experience that works across vendors and requires no manual intervention.

That’s where the Automatic Access Point Capacity Management feature comes in. This builds on Preseem’s data-first approach to understanding the real-world performance of AP models, combined with local conditions and user behavior, to determine the bandwidth rate each AP can deliver while maintaining a superior subscriber experience.

How It Works

With this new feature, the system adjusts automatically and dynamically, considering configuration and environment changes on the AP as well as customer usage patterns. This leads to significantly lower latency at peak busy hours and on oversubscribed APs. It also saves time and removes manual work from the plates of busy network managers.

The Automatic Access Point Capacity Management feature is vendor and application-agnostic. No artificial limits on specific applications like Netflix are required, and fair bandwidth allocation between subscribers on an AP is achieved in real-time. It’s also flexible and easy to use — enabling the feature is a simple global setting, and can be turned on or off for individual APs as desired.

“Fixed Wireless internet providers must deliver a consistently excellent subscriber experience to compete with fiber and other access technologies,” said Dan Siemon, Chief Product Officer of Preseem. “This is done via access point capacity planning, optimizing for latency as well as throughput, and mitigating the poor experience subscribers receive when network elements such as APs reach their capacity. Preseem provides solutions in all of these areas.”

Preseem customers who’ve already implemented the new feature are impressed.

“The auto feature helps us scale and manage our workload,” said Drew Wicker, Director of ISP Operations at Vistabeam, a Nebraska-based internet service provider. “We must automate everything we can to stay lean and profitable. We have competitive pressure that forces us to keep prices low, while costs have skyrocketed on the equipment and labor side in the last few years. The automatic shaper works just as well as manually setting them but requires no work from us. Preseem saves us numerous hours of work across different teams, from sales and marketing to network operations.”

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