New Preseem RF Analysis Tools Transform Subscriber Experience Management for ISPs

New Preseem RF Analysis features

by | March 2, 2022 | Preseem News

WATERLOO, ON – 03-02-2022 – Aterlo Networks is pleased to announce the expansion of its Preseem Edge Network QoE solution to include radio frequency (RF) analysis tools for fixed wireless networks. 

Preseem’s new capabilities enable Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to move to proactive management of their fixed wireless networks with much less RF expertise and without the time-consuming process of combining information from several tools.

The new features tell ISPs when, where and why any RF layer issues are occurring and include:

  • Universal metrics that identify the source of QoE problems and any RF changes
  • Simple 0-10 scores that summarize RF conditions and show ISPs which subscribers are affecting Access Point (AP) capacity. This means they can prioritize which areas of their network to address
  • Straightforward text and color-based labels showing complex issues in need of attention
  • Easy-to-understand, real-time scoring and visuals that show when an AP has capacity or when it should be upgraded or split

Since 2017, ISPs have been using Preseem to shape web traffic and monitor the overall health of their networks. Using Preseem ensures that ISP subscribers enjoy low latency and a superior quality of experience (QoE), even under heavy usage. Preseem also enables providers to enforce subscriber speed plans seamlessly and save time and money on support and other costs.

Solve QoE Issues Before the Customer Calls

Preseem’s new RF analysis tools add even more value for ISPs by providing simple scoring and dashboards. These enable operators to proactively monitor QoE for each individual subscriber and manage every AP in their network.

Preseem’s unique model measures QoE directly from subscriber traffic. It also extracts key information from network equipment, and combines performance data from service providers across the globe. This enables insights into real-world AP and subscriber radio performance models that were previously impossible. 

Just as importantly, ISPs can now easily diagnose issues before they cause problems for their customers. Preseem’s new tools increase the effectiveness of staff RF experts. They also empower non-technical employees to identify and solve complex problems.

Helping ISPs Become Proactive

“Our goal is to enable local and regional ISPs to thrive,” said Dan Siemon, Chief Product Officer of Aterlo. “We believe the best way to accomplish this is to help them proactively manage their networks and subscriber experience. These new fixed wireless features are a huge leap in that direction.”

With the new features in place, ISPs can transform their business by moving to proactive management of their fixed wireless networks. This can also now be done at scale with much less RF expertise. It also removes the time-consuming process of combining information from several tools, otherwise known as “staring and comparing.” Preseem customers who’ve previewed the new features are already impressed.

“Once again, Preseem has given us exactly what we needed with their new subscriber capacity features,” said Matt Larsen, CEO of Vistabeam, an ISP serving Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. “Before Preseem, determining the capacity on our network was a guessing game and led to constant battles between network operations and the sales department. Now, Preseem provides the empirical data needed to accurately determine how much capacity we have on our network and track the quality of service we offer. I wish all vendors were this responsive to our needs!”

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