Preseem Releases Fixed Wireless Network Report for 2022

by | December 12, 2022 | Preseem News

WATERLOO, ON – 12-12-2022 – Internet Service Providers can strike one item off their holiday wish lists—the annual Fixed Wireless Network Report from Preseem is now available!

Compiled yearly by Preseem, the report is stuffed with exclusive industry data, analysis, and metrics that ISPs can’t find anywhere else.

Preseem is a Quality of Experience (QoE) solution used by ISPs to proactively improve their networks by reducing latency, increasing efficiency, and giving subscribers a great experience.

As part of this work, Preseem collects billions of detailed metrics daily on subscribers, equipment, and overall network performance from its growing customer base of hundreds of fixed wireless ISPs worldwide.

The Fixed Wireless Network Report uses this huge data pool to present a unique, in-depth analysis of the fixed wireless industry across service providers and vendors.

What’s in the Report

New to the 2022 report are insights on subscriber usage by speed plans, the speed attained by plans, active throughput by plan, and access point (AP) capacity.

Other key insights included in this year’s report include:

  • How much data the average subscriber uses daily and monthly
  • What percentage of APs are oversubscribed
  • What equipment delivers the highest download throughput at peak times
  • Industry trends on network latency and throughput performance
  • Which vendors dominate the share of APs used by ISPs, and more

“Our mission is to enable local and regional ISPs to thrive by solving network problems,” said Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO of Aterlo Networks, the creators of Preseem. “This report delivers precise, unbiased data and expert insights that ISPs can use to proactively improve their networks and provide a better quality of experience for their subscribers.”

First launched in 2018, the Fixed Wireless Network Report was created to help ISPs compare their network performance against other providers while presenting a real-world, industry-wide view of networks, equipment, and subscriber QoE.

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