MBSI WAV Tech Talk Featuring Preseem

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by | August 10, 2021 | Networking

MBSI WAV Tech Talk Featuring Preseem

Earlier this summer, Jeremy Austin of Preseem joined Dave Clelland of MBSI Wav as part of the “Dave’s Tech Talk” series.

During their chat, the two networking gurus took a deep dive into link quality and wireless service offerings. By using a variety of diagrams and explainers, they explored concepts such as signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and link speed/quality. They also looked at SNR efficiency and cost, and the fixed wireless spectrum. If this sounds a little on the technical side for you, don’t worry. Jeremy and Dave explain these issues in an easy and approachable manner for networking and non-networking people alike.

Jeremy also recently wrote about the topics of understanding modulation and SNR and fixed wireless capacity planning for our blog. This interview was the perfect chance to go further into the details while also exploring some new avenues of interest.

Did you miss the live event? No worries, you can watch a full recording of the Tech Talk below!

About the Speakers

MBSI Wav Tech Talk: Jeremy Austin

Jeremy Austin is the Senior Product Manager at Preseem and has extensive experience within the WISP community.

Before joining Preseem, Jeremy worked full-time as a Senior IP Systems Engineer at Alaska Communications, a leading broadband and managed IT service provider.

As a result, Jeremy brings with him years of first-hand knowledge, technical expertise, and relationships within the fixed wireless community.

Dave Clelland is a Systems Engineer at MBSI WAV and has spent the last 20 years in the wireless broadband industry. During that time, he’s worked with companies such as Netricom, BreezeCOM, Alvarion, and Telrad.

Since Joining MBSI Wav, Dave has led the monthly Tech Talk series, where he covers a variety of technical topics, from RF equipment to Quality of Experience (QoE).

MBSI Wav Tech Talk: Dave Clelland

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