Preseem hosted a Fireside Chat at WISPAPALOOZA 2019 with the network operators of three successful WISPs: Adair Winter of Amarillo Wireless / AW Broadband, Darin Steffl of Minnesota WiFi, and Brian Gray of Joink LLC. The chat allowed for audience members to engage with the WISP panel by asking their most pressing fixed wireless questions. As a result, a wealth of insights were shared, from general WISP do’s and don’ts to more specific best practices.

In the second part of this blog series, we learn more about WISP do’s and don’ts by exploring the day-to-day practices of each panelist’s WISP business. We look at how these WISPs go about quickly responding to customer support calls, and the ways in which they approach diagnosing service issues. Additionally, this segment also explores the different techniques that the panelists have used to market their WISP businesses, and which methods they have found to be most effective.

The specific questions answered in this part of our WISP Fireside Chat series are:

  • How do customer service and tech support personnel use Preseem for customer-facing information?
  • Has Preseem virtually eliminated calls regarding latency or buffering issues?
  • What marketing initiatives have you tried that have been successful? What initiatives have been unsuccessful?


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