Using Preseem to Improve QoE and Increase Revenue: A WISP Review

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by | January 21, 2019 | Reviews/Case Studies

Preseem WISP Review by E-vergent Wireless

At Preseem, we help Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) provide a better quality of experience (QoE) to their subscribers. For WISPs, having happier customers leads to reduced churn, lower support costs, and an increase in revenue.

Joe Falaschi, GM of E-vergent Wireless, a WISP in Wisconsin, recently shared the impact Preseem has had on his network and business.

WISP Review – Using Preseem for Daily Support and Improving the Network

In the video below, Joe starts by introducing E-vergent and the company’s journey from dial-up to wireless. He also shares information on the wireless gear and billing platform that E-vergent uses.

Joe also mentions how E-vergent evaluated DPI-based solutions before opting for Preseem. Key factors in their decision included affordability and Preseem’s easy, hands-off approach to traffic shaping. He also credits Preseem’s onboarding and support team for a smooth integration with his network and billing system.

One of the core ways that E-vergent uses Preseem is to assist their support team. Having traffic graphs, real-time and historical data, and QoE metrics at the support team’s fingertips has been a plus. Also, there’s no need for guesswork when it comes to troubleshooting AP issues. Preseem helps E-vergent pinpoint the source of QoE problems proactively instead of after the fact.

Also, proactively monitoring and optimizing QoE with Preseem allows E-vergent to save on unnecessary customer service calls and truck rolls. As customers have become happier with E-vergent’s service, positive online reviews have increased, leading to more business.

Using Preseem for Plan Speed Enforcement and Optimization

In the video, Joe also shares information on how E-vergent previously implemented subscriber plan speeds using rate limits in radios before deploying Preseem. He also comments on how adding more bandwidth to solve QoE issues isn’t a sustainable method, noting how Preseem takes care of QoE issues even on maxed-out connections.

To sum up, Joe shares the real impact that deploying Preseem has had on lowering his company’s subscriber churn while adding $27,000 in retained revenue in just six months. With some help from our CEO Gerrit to explain E-vergent’s customer churn data, Joe concludes that the positive impact Preseem has had on their network can be valued at over $100,000 over a year and 126 saved customers.

Watch the Video

Check out the video below to watch Joe talk about his experience using Preseem and the positive impact it’s had on his fixed wireless network and business.

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