Giveaway for WISPs – Get 7 Free Gifts + Grand Prize Entry!

WISP Online Giveaway 2018 promo

by | May 23, 2018 | Events

WISP Online Giveaway 2018

WISPs, we know you work hard! Bridging the digital divide is no trivial task and it’s rare that you find a moment to pat yourselves on the back.

But we, as vendors from the WISP industry, can do that – right? That’s why we’re proud and excited to bring you some fun and gifts with a little something called the WISP Online Giveaway 2018.

What is the Giveaway for WISPs?

7 days of free gifts + 1 amazing grand prize.

Preseem is proud to work together with six other cool vendors from the WISP space to bring you seven days of free gifts and a chance to win a grand prize package worth $2,000.

The Giveaway for WISPs runs during business days from June 4 through June 12, 2018.

Each day, you’ll receive a special free gift from one of the vendor partners. It might be a free WISP marketing toolkit, free Credit consulting, an eBook, or $$$ off coupons for WISP products and services – there are all kinds of helpful items available.

But you won’t know what you’re getting until the day arrives! So check back frequently to see what’s been revealed.

What’s in the Grand Prize?

We’re glad you asked because the grand prize package is awesome! Here’s what’s inside:

  • Apple iPad mini
  • One conference ticket to WISPAPALOOZA 2018 in Las Vegas
  • Amazon Tap – Alexa-Enabled Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • Customized box of premium cigars with company rings
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Free Wisper University session (valid on the marketing, tech support or installer class up to $999)
  • 32-Inch 720p Roku Smart LED TV

All in, that’s more than $2,000 in prizes. All going to one deserving WISP owner or employee.

Who’s Sponsoring the Giveaway?

Seven of the coolest vendors in the WISP space, that’s who!

These are the companies bringing you the daily gifts and grand prize.

WISP Online Giveaway sponsors

So join the WISP Online Giveaway 2018 today, then sit back, relax and wait for all the gifts to reach you!

If you’d like more information on how Preseem can help your WISP network improve subscriber QoE and lower support costs, book a demo with us and find out!

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