WISP Sector Insights – The Impact of One Subscriber on QoE for Other Users [VIDEO]

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by | July 14, 2017 | Networking, Video Blog

WISP Sector Insights

We recently published a blog in our WISP Sector Insights series that explored the question of how a single subscriber with poor signal strength can affect the QoE for all other sector users. As a companion to that post, we thought we’d also create a WISP Sector Insights video. Check it out to see the impact of one subscriber with a poor signal on an entire sector’s quality of experience (QoE) on a WISP network.

In this video, we start by explaining the relationship between signal strength and QoE for a user. We also wanted to test out the potential impact of one subscriber with poor signal strength on the entire sector.

Using real snapshots from an active Preseem deployment, we set out to test the theory.

We hope this video will be helpful as you take on new subscribers and test their signal strength before deployment. We also share possible solutions in case this kind of situation already occurs in your network.

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Preseem is a unique networking solution that helps WISPs measure, analyze, and optimize subscriber QoE. We can also help you reduce churn, get fewer support calls, and increase revenue.

If subscribers impacting the QoE of other customers is an issue for your business, contact us to book a demo.

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