Optimize Network ROI

Proactively manage your network and maximize the value of your existing resources.

Get the Most Out of Your Network

Maintaining an excellent subscriber experience in a fixed wireless network means understanding the RF conditions and user load for every single access point and every subscriber radio.

While many operators would love this level of operational excellence, it’s almost impossible to achieve at scale due to the need for expert-level staff combining information from many different tools. This difficulty means that most operators only dedicate the required resources in response to subscriber complaints.

Examples of CPE Radio Performance Metrics in Preseem
Optimize Network ROI: AP Subscriber Capacity Insights

Access the Full Picture

Preseem enables operators to be proactive for every AP and individual subscriber. We measure the subscriber experience directly, extract key information from network equipment, and combine performance data from service providers across the globe.

Unlike the promise of vendor spec sheets, this process enables insights into real-world AP and subscriber radio performance models that are otherwise impossible.

Preseem’s fixed wireless features answer key questions such as:

  • Which subscriber’s RF conditions (signal strength, stability, etc) do I need to improve to free up capacity (airtime) on an AP?
  • What APs do not have enough capacity for subscribers to achieve the plan rate they’ve purchased?
  • Which APs have the capacity to take on new subscribers and still maintain a good quality of experience?
  • What APs have too many subscribers to maintain a good experience By how many subscribers is the AP oversold?
  • How much capacity (in subscribers) is available across the entire fixed wireless network?
Optimize Network ROI: AP Health Scores
Optimize Network ROI: AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics

Improve In-House Expertise

Answers to these questions and more are provided via simple-to-understand scores and metrics which require minimal expertise. This increases the effectiveness of existing expert-level staff and enables non-expert staff to identify and solve problems that were previously out of reach.

Just as importantly, it means that you can get full value from the equipment and resources that you already have, allowing you to scale your company without necessarily adding new staff or hardware.

Optimize Network ROI: AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics

“Preseem handles traffic management for our broadband network. It does a fantastic job of getting the most capacity out of our systems and has made a huge improvement in the broadband experience for all of our customers.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Matt Larsen
CEO, Vistabeam

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