We keep things simple by offering one main product—Preseem—for ISPs who want to understand and proactively improve QoE for their subscribers. We also have a handy Fixed Wireless Plus add-on module packed with analysis tools and metrics that give ISPs even deeper insights into their network health.

Measure, analyze, and improve the subscriber experience with tools that make life easier for the network, access point operations, and support teams.

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Preseem Benefits

  • Improve the subscriber experience by optimizing for latency, fairness, and throughput. Solve the "my Internet is slow" problem.
  • Identify sites and APs that deliver a poor experience so they can be improved before the customer churns.
  • Automatically mitigate the subscriber experience problems caused by overloaded APs.
  • A single platform that measures the subscriber experience and enforces plan rates across all vendors and access technologies.
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Fixed Wireless Plus
Data-based tools that make operating a fixed wireless network easier and require less expertise. Tools for the network, access point operations, support, marketing, and sales teams.

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Fixed Wireless Plus Benefits

  • Understand real-world AP subscriber capacity to coordinate between the network and marketing teams.
  • Identify customers with the most significant impact on airtime to free AP capacity.
  • Identify subscribers with poor RF conditions to prioritize proactive improvements.
  • Get to the root cause of AP and CPE problems with less time and expertise.
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What’s Included

Preseem Pricing - Transparent Terms

Transparent Terms

Prices are listed in USD and start at $0.60 per subscriber, per month with volume discounts. Minimum monthly subscription is $200.

No Contracts

Our flexible pricing model means that you’re not locked into a year-long contract. Simply pay month-to-month and cancel at any time.
Preseem Pricing - Pay Only for Active Subscribers

Pay Only for Active Subscribers

You only pay for subscribers that are monitored/optimized via Preseem.

Additional Benefits

All monthly plans include the following features.

Free 30-Day Trial

See the power of Preseem in your network with a free trial! No credit card required.
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Hands-On Training

Whether you use a Preseem appliance or your own hardware, we provide in-depth guidance.

Robust Documentation

Preseem’s comprehensive documentation provides the information and help you want.
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Money-Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence. All Preseem appliances come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Responsive Support

In-app, email, and phone support. The Preseem team is here to help when and how you want it.

Ongoing Improvements

Our team is always working on updates to bring new features and capabilities to the platform.

API Integrations with Leading Billing Vendors

Our numerous API integrations with leading billing systems makes deploying Preseem even easier! We also offer integrations with UCRM and REST API.

API Integration Billing Vendor Logo - Aradial
Splynx - Preseem API Integration - Preseem API Integration
Billmax - Preseem API Integration
Powercode - Preseem API Integration
Sonar - Preseem API Integration
Azotel - Preseem API Integration
Swiftfox - Preseem API Integration
Vision - Preseem API Integration

Thinking About Hardware? You Have Options

We offer reliable and affordable appliances for the convenience of our busy WISP customers, which come pre-loaded with Preseem and a 30-day money back guarantee. Or use your own Linux server, as long as it meets our minimum requirements.

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