Preseem-Powercode API Integration

High-level of two-way Preseem-Powercode integration that allows WISPs to measure and optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) flowing through their network, easily and effectively.


Unique Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and optimization platform that measures and improves the real quality of data flowing through towers, sectors and subscribers. Preseem ensures lower churn, fewer support calls and increase in profitability.

powercode preseem wisps integration


Complete ISP platform with over 15 years of experience in providing WISPs with a comprehensive platform that offers billing, ticketing, scheduling, provisioning, customer portal, inventory, reporting, network monitoring and other features as well as unique partner integrations.

Preseem-Powercode Integration Features

Single point of data entry

For plans and network inventory. Any network or subscriber changes in Powercode are immediately reflected in Preseem

Subscriber usage stats

View Preseem’s subscriber usage stats in the Powercode dashboard for quick account review or troubleshooting

Automatic Plan Enforcement

Optimized QoE plan enforcement based on subscriber plans given in Powercode including blocking delinquent customers


Key Benefits

Reduce Errors

Save Time

Faster Deployment

Typical Deployment Visualization

Subscriber QoE Monitoring

Understand the real Quality of Experience (QoE) delivered by your network down to towers, access points and subscribers with real-time analytics and graphical summaries. By focusing on QoE, WISPs can ensure that they have happy customers thereby reducing churn and support costs.

QoE Optimized Shaping

Use Preseem's advanced AQM techniques to enforce subscriber and access point bandwidth limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving subscriber QoE. This fixes 'my-internet-feels-slow' calls, lowers churn and delays network investments. 

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