Preseem and Sonar Success Series Webinar: The Customer Experience

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by | November 6, 2020 | Events

Preseem and Sonar Success Series Webinar: The Customer Experience

Discover how Sonar and Preseem can help you increase customer retention and maximize profitability. Also, you’ll hear directly from Jason Pond of Grizzly Broadband on his experience using Preseem and Sonar.

Customer Retention

Customer retention drives profitability and translates into sustainable growth for an organization. According to Bain & Company, increasing customer retention by just 5% can lead to a 25%-95% increase in profit! Also, 89% of companies see the quality of the customer experience as a key factor in driving loyalty and retention. So how can WISPs ensure that they deliver a great customer experience?

There are many factors affecting a customer’s experience with their internet service provider. This begins with the sales engagement and installation experience all the way to regular interaction with support staff, the billing department, and more. However, the core of this experience is the subscriber’s actual experience while using the internet. As a result, improving the subscriber quality of experience (QoE) should be a major focus for all WISPs.

That said, you can’t improve what you can’t measure! So where do WISPs start?

QoE and Profitability

Using an approach to network monitoring and optimization based on QoE, WISPs can objectively measure the customer’s experience and proactively find and fix issues that are causing problems. Check out our blog post on how QoE-based network monitoring differs from traditional network monitoring for more information.

Additionally, QoE-based networking can help ISPs optimize the user experience. This is especially important these days, with thousands of new internet applications launching daily and bringing accompanying changes in customer behavior. Remote work and schooling-from-home are prime examples of such changes.

This brings us back to our main question: how can WISPs deliver a great customer experience that leads to sustained profitability?

Firstly, WISP owners and managers should watch our recording of the Sonar Success Series webinar featuring Preseem!

Secondly, it’s recommended that WISPs evaluate tools and techniques that can help them deliver great service while improving internal efficiency and lowering costs. This webinar covers many of these factors.

Sonar Success Series featuring Preseem

In this special presentation, Simon Westlake (CEO, Sonar) and Gerrit Nagelhout (CEO, Preseem) share the ways that Sonar and Preseem can help WISPs increase customer retention and also maximize profitability.

Most importantly, they shed light on the power of Sonar billing and OSS software when combined with Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform.

In addition, Simon and Gerrit are joined by Jason Pond, CEO of Grizzly Broadband. Grizzly is a successful WISP business in Western Montana with over 3,000 customers. Jason has seen first-hand the difference Sonar and Preseem can make in a WISP business and shares his personal experience. Above all, Jason also presents some key business metrics to highlight the impact made by using Sonar and Preseem.

Sonar Success Series featuring Preseem Agenda:

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Sonar Network Dashboard
  • Mapping Profitability
  • Alerting Rotations
  • Preseem and Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Preseem and Sonar
  • Jason Pond: Customer Testimonial
  • Live Q&A: Your Questions Answered by the Panelists

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