Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report 2019

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by | October 15, 2019 | Networking

Fixed Wireless Network Report 2019

Over the past year, the fixed wireless landscape has been the subject of increased interest and speculation. For example, the FCC proposed a $20 billion fund to increase broadband support in rural areas. Then, major telecoms endorsed 5G broadband as an alternative to fixed-line options. As a result, the fixed wireless industry is more mainstream now than ever before.

A rise in the number of Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs) has given individuals living in rural areas access to reliable broadband. Also, the internet is now considered an essential service, making fixed wireless subscriber insights all the more valuable. Accordingly, Preseem is excited to announce the release of the Fixed Wireless Network Report 2019 Edition.

In the report, we provide real-world insights into fixed wireless subscribers, networks, and also equipment. At Preseem, we take in billions of metrics every day. These metrics come directly from our customer base, spanning tens of thousands of subscribers and also thousands of access points. Preseem analyzes this data and then condenses it into an easily comprehensible manner in the form of this report.

Key Highlights

  • What’s the average vs. peak download and upload throughput for a typical fixed wireless subscriber?
  • Also, how does the latency for a fixed wireless subscriber compare at peak vs. other times of the day?
  • Which manufacturer has the maximum access point market share by count of subscribers?
  • How do different access point models compare on number of connected subscribers, throughput and latency?
  • What’s the typical channel width used by most WISPs?
  • What’s the average vs. peak download throughput for a typical fixed wireless subscriber?

Watch Dan Siemon, Chief Product Officer at Preseem, discuss a few of the many insights contained in this year’s report.

Preseem’s Fixed Wireless Network Report contains over 30 fixed wireless figures, spanning 26 pages. Download your free copy today. Also, read this Telecompetitor article to see Fixed Wireless Network Report in the news!

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