Fixed Wireless Network Report 2018 by Preseem

Preseem's 2018 Fixed Wireless Network report shown on a tablet and a smartphone

by | October 18, 2018 | Networking

Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report 2018

At Preseem, our commitment to the fixed wireless industry is bigger than just delivering a great QoE monitoring and optimization platform. For us, it’s about using data to bring transparency to the industry. In this way, we can help WISPs make the best decisions to improve their network and have happier customers.

The Fixed Wireless Network Report 2018 uses Preseem’s data set to provide a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment. It was officially released on the first day of WISPAPALOOZA 2018 during our QoE Seminar.

Preseem ingests over 5 billion metrics every day from tens of thousands of fixed wireless subscribers and thousands of APs. It’s our hope that this information can help WISPs benchmark their businesses against the wider broadband ecosystem. We also hope it helps others understand fixed wireless networks.

Key Insights from the Report

  • Fixed wireless networks show little throughput degradation during peak, which indicates they’re not heavily oversubscribed
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber uses 3.5 Mbps when active
  • The average fixed wireless subscriber also uses 5.6 GB of data per day, for a total of 167 GB per month
  • Cambium and Ubiquiti access point equipment dominates fixed wireless deployments
  • Fixed wireless networks leverage wider channel width to deliver service to a higher number of subscribers vs. delivering higher throughput to the same number of subscribers per access point

For detailed insights on subscriber QoE, comparisons between top APs, channel width usage, and more, download the Fixed Wireless Network Report today. Or contact us to book a demo and we’ll be happy to set you up with a 30-day free trial of Preseem for your network.

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