Join Dan Siemon and other WISPs for a quick 30-minutes webinar on Traditional network monitoring vs QoE monitoring with real examples and insights on Tuesday, Sep 5th, 2017 at 11:00 EST.

Webinar Agenda

During this short 30-minutes webinar, Dan will be answering the following key questions –

  • What are the key problems and limitations with traditional Network monitoring?
  • How these limitations impact your WISP network and business?
  • What is subscriber QoE (Quality of Experience) monitoring?
  •  How can subscriber QoE monitoring approach to network management help your WISP operations to grow and succeed?

In his presentation, he’ll also show real data and facts on packet loss, latency & throughput aggregated through all the WISP networks where Preseem is currently deployed.  That is an example of critical information which can be leveraged by any WISP owner to benchmark against QoE performance in their own network.

Webinar Date & Time

Tuesday, Sep 5th, 2017 @ 11:00 AM Eastern Time

About Dan (Meet Your Host)

Dan is a co-founder at Aterlo Networks Inc. and leads product development for Preseem. Previously, Dan served as a Senior Product Manager at Sandvine. He managed the SDE platform, which is used by some the largest service providers in the world to implement advanced network policy control solutions. Dan also serves as a board member for a telecommunications company based out of Southwestern Ontario. He has been engaging with the WISP community for a long time and co-founded Aterlo in 2014. He has been participating in events organized by WISPA since 2015 and will also be representing Preseem at WISPAPALOOZA 2017, Las Vegas.

How to Register?

This webinar on network monitoring vs QoE monitoring is free to attend but has limited spots available. Even if you can’t make it to the live event, it’s a good idea to register because the presentation slides would be e-mailed to all registrants after the webinar has ended. Click on the button below to reserve your spot and get the slides after the event.


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