WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED | 5 Reasons to Attend

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED

by | March 8, 2021 | Events

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: Reloaded

It’s March already, and WISPs across North America are getting their summer growth plans ready. With the worst of winter storms, natural calamities, and—hopefully—the pandemic behind us, Preseem is here with an exciting learning and networking opportunity for our WISP community. Introducing the WISP Virtual Summit 2021 RELOADED!

This event builds on the success of our first-ever virtual summit last July with some new additions and surprises. Preseem will be proudly presenting this unique WISP industry conference virtually with support from three leading industry vendors:

WISP Virtual Summit 2021: More Information

The WISP Virtual Summit 2021 promises to be a unique conference experience for all attendees. It leverages the best industry content, speakers, and panelists, while providing opportunities for the WISP community to engage in video networking. There will also be the chance to win free swag boxes and prizes!

Unlike a fatigue-inducing virtual conference with long hours and a heavy schedule, this event will offer a fresh approach:

  • The summit will run on three separate days, with 3-4 hours of programming each day. These include sessions, Q&A periods, and networking time. This allows attendees to still have a productive work week while attending and getting the most out of the event!
  • Also, each day of the summit will be themed around a particular track: Starting and Scaling Right, Advanced Networking, and Future-Proof Your WISP Business
  • Attendees can attend just one session or track of their choice, or all of the sessions. This customizable approach is designed to suit attendees’ differing needs.

We hope the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED will be a highlight on the WISP industry’s event calendar for this year!

5 Reasons To Attend

If you’re a member of the fixed wireless industry, here are five reasons why we think you should attend this upcoming event:

1. Useful Content

The WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED packages the best content across functional themes relevant to fixed wireless providers. From starting and scaling a WISP business to future-proofing your success, there’s something for everyone!

2. Live Q&A with Speakers

One of the best parts of attending a WISP event is the opportunity to hear from industry experts and successful WISP owners.

That’s why we’ve planned a live Q&A component after each session. Once the pre-recorded content from the summit is over, speakers/panelists will appear live on camera to answer questions from the audience in real-time! You can also win a prize just for asking a question during one of the sessions.

3. Video Networking

One of the downsides to virtual events is that you can’t freely network with other attendees and build meaningful connections. As a humble attempt toward achieving this, we’ll be using Zoom’s breakout rooms to allow video networking in smaller groups.

That’s right, every attendee will have a chance to meet and connect with other attendees in small groups. Hosts from the organizing team will facilitate the start of these conversations and then let the group discuss.

4. Swag Boxes and Prizes

Let’s be honest, everyone loves free swag from a WISPA event! That’s why we’ll be offering attendees and speakers swag boxes loaded with useful goodies from all of our sponsors! All you have to do is to sign up for the event to have a chance to win one of the hundreds of available swag boxes. These will be delivered by mail after the event.

We also plan to offer more free gifts during the sessions to reward you for live attendance and Q&A participation.

5. It’s Free!

Someone wise once said that the best things in life are free. Well, that definitely holds true for this conference as well. It costs nothing for you to register and participate in the WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED. You’ll get all the benefits of the reasons listed above just for signing and showing up.

The WISP Virtual Summit 2021 event offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, network with fellow members, engage in live networking, and win some cool prizes. Furthermore, you get all of this at no cost.

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