Empower Your WISP Support Team with Preseem & Arden Alliance Management: Webinar

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by | November 24, 2020 | Events

Preseem and Arden Alliance Management Webinar

Discover how Preseem and Arden Alliance Management can help you and your WISP business. View our webinar to learn how to lower support costs while ensuring a better customer experience. You’ll also hear directly from Nathan Fillmore, CEO of Arden Alliance Management, as he shares his experience with using Preseem to identify and resolve support issues.

Support Teams and Their Impact on WISPs

A successful support team is essential to the growth and sustainability of any business. Not only does the support team interact with customers daily, but their effectiveness has a direct impact on the bottom line.

Poor network management, or the inability to access platforms that can provide granular subscriber insights, can be detrimental to long-term success. Many WISPs prefer to keep support teams in-house. However, others choose to bring in professional call center organizations, like Arden Alliance Management.

When the L1 and L2 support staff at WISP support companies, such as Arden, get a powerful tool like Preseem—with its at-a-glance view of the subscriber’s Quality of Experience (QoE)—the following occurs:

  • Support gets real-time information to help troubleshoot customer issues in a fast and accurate manner
  • Support teams can immediately identify if problems are customer-specific or related to access point, towers, or network-wide degradation
  • WISP owners save time on support calls, reduce support costs and improve profitability

Preseem and Arden Alliance Management Webinar: Details

In this webinar, Gerrit Nagelhout (CEO, Preseem) and Jessica Doberneck (Sales and Marketing Manager, Arden Alliance Management) share the ways that Preseem and Arden enable WISPs to save time and money. They’ll also look at how to effectively troubleshoot network issues, and increase profitability, all while ensuring more satisfied customers.

They’ll also shed light on the power of Arden’s call center and management services when combined with Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform.

In addition, Gerrit and Jessica are joined by Nathan Fillmore, CEO of Arden Alliance Management. Nathan has 10+ years of experience in the wireless internet industry and 20+ years in business management. Over the last decade, Nathan helped build one of the nation’s premier WISPs. Over the past two years, Nathan co-founded and has been leading Arden Alliance Management, one of the nation’s top-rated 24/7 customer service companies for the WISP industry. Arden also specializes in consulting, sales, engineering, and training. As a result, Nathan has seen first-hand the impact that Preseem has in identifying and troubleshooting support issues.

Preseem and Arden Alliance Management Webinar Agenda

  • Introduction to Arden Alliance
  • Introduction to QoE and Preseem
  • Using Preseem for Support Teams: Key Features
  • Experience with Preseem’s Subscriber Dashboard: Insights from a Power User
  • Live Q&A: Your Questions Answered by the Panelists

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