Grow your business and get ahead with this session on “WISPs and the Digital Divide in the Times of COVID-19.”

Learn all about how WISPs are stepping up and standing out during this trying time.

In this sincere keynote presentation, Claude Aiken, CEO of WISPA, reflects on the impact of COVID-19 and the current state of the fixed wireless industry amid the ongoing pandemic.

Discover the many ways in which WISPs are leading the way to ensure communities are connected. From offering free services, to establishing low-cost programs for students, WISPs are stepping up to serve rural America.

In this candid look at the state of the WISP industry, learn about how WISPs are going where no terrestrial providers have gone before, and see the ways in which WISPA is working to advocate for the industry as a whole.

Watch and take note on how WISPs are stepping up and standing out amid the COVID-19 pandemic!

Claude Aiken, WISPA - WISPs and COVID-19 SessionPresented by Claude Aiken

President & CEO, WISPA

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