Who We Serve

We’ve designed Preseem to be used by staff from many different roles, from business owners to support teams.

ISP Owners

ISP Owners & Management Teams

Preseem empowers ISP owners to fix network issues and expand network performance while reducing costs.

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Support Teams

Preseem helps with quick support call resolution, leading to happier customers and increased profitability.

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Network Managers

Network Managers

Preseem enables prompt network troubleshooting and proactive performance improvements.

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ISP Owners & Management Teams

Find and fix QoE issues, leading to reduced support costs, improved network performance, and increased revenue.

ISP Owners Increase Revenue with Preseem

Increase Revenue


Preseem has assisted ISP owners in reducing subscriber churn by 20-30%, leading to revenue growth. Plus, Preseem helps to identify opportunities to upsell additional products and services.

ISP Owners Reduce Support Costs with Preseem

Reduce Support Costs


Preseem allows ISP owners to proactively find and fix QoE issues, ensuring a great subscriber experience. Preseem’s traffic shaping has reduced ‘Internet-feels-slow’ support calls by up to 80%!

ISP Owners Expand Network Savings with Preseem

Targeted Network Investment


Our access point (AP) insights help ISPs get accurate data for upgrade decisions. AP-level bandwidth management can also result in better performance from older and congested APs.

“Guided by Preseem, we have made many improvements to our network. I believe these improvements and Preseem’s optimization are the major reasons for our customer churn significantly decreasing.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Falaschi
CEO, E-vergent Wireless

Support Teams

Uncover QoE issues, get faster support resolution, and receive fewer complaints about slow internet.

Support Teams Identify the Root Cause with Preseem

View Subscriber Traffic in Real-Time


Preseem provides a real-time view of each subscriber’s traffic on your network, allowing support teams to quickly validate and investigate subscriber quality of experience issues.

Preseem Feature: AP and CPE Radio Diagnostics

Identify the Root Cause


Preseem summarizes the subscriber experience along with the access point (AP) and tower that the subscriber is attached to, enabling support teams to easily determine if problems are localized or part of a larger network problem.

Support Teams Reduce Slow Internet Complaints with Preseem

Reduce Slow Internet Complaints


Preseem maintains a high QoE for subscribers by ensuring that that interactive applications continue to work even when bulk applications, such as streaming, are active.

“‘My internet is slow’ calls have all but ceased”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Joe Portman
President, Alamo Broadband

Network Managers

Solve network issues, monitor performance, and discover proactive network improvements.

Preseem Feature: Access Point QoE Optimized Shaping

Fix Network Issues


Preseem helps ISP network managers identify and troubleshoot typical network issues, such as congestion, reduced capacity due to interference, poor signal strength to the end user, backhaul and transit congestion, high latency, and more.

Preseem Feature: Daily Access Point QoE Summary

Monitor Your Network Performance


  Preseem provides an in-depth view of towers, access points (APs), and subscribers, allowing managers to view both real-time network information and historical trends in network performance.

Network Managers Discover Proactive Network Improvements with Preseem

Discover Proactive Network Improvements


Preseem’s AP insights enable managers to access accurate data for timely upgrade decisions by showing if their equipment is under-performing or overloaded, and how it compares with similar deployments.

“Preseem has done a great job of providing great insight into our network by presenting quality information regarding subscriber quality of experience. Their staff is outstanding and we greatly appreciate their professional attitude on putting out a quality product and providing excellent customer service!”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

JJ McGrath
CEO, TekWav