Preseem +

Preseem’s API integration with allows WISPs to measure and optimize the Quality of Experience (QoE) flowing through their network.

One Seamless Integration

The Preseem + API integration allows for smooth deployments and easy and effective workflows.


Preseem is a unique networking solution that helps WISPs measure, analyze, and optimize the QoE delivered by the towers, sectors, and access points in their networks. Preseem helps WISPs reduce churn, decrease the frequency of support calls, and increase profitability.

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Integration Benefits

Preseem + Sonar Software API - Reduce Errors

No More Data Entry Errors

Avoid the hassle of manual data entry and the errors that come along with it.

Preseem + Sonar Software API - Save Time

Easy & Effective Workflows

Put your resources to work elsewhere and enrich your business with effortless workflows.

Faster Deployments

Save time and support costs with smooth, speedy deployments.

Integration Features

Single Point of Data Entry

Single Point of Data Entry

For plans and network inventory, any changes in are immediately reflected in Preseem.

Preseem Optimization Icon

Automatic Plan Enforcement

Optimized QoE enforcement based on plans, including blocking delinquent customers.

Typical Deployment Visualization

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Preseem + API Deployment Diagram

The Customer Experience Using Preseem +

“Preseem’s billing integrations have allowed us to save time and money by automating a number of processes. Preseem’s integration with has saved us from having to hire two employees to receive payments and answer phone calls.”

Louis Uttaro, Member Manager, Oso Internet Solutions

Preseem Location Pin Ramah, New Mexico 

Preseem + Translating QoE Into Growth

See real-world examples and data that highlight the impact of Preseem’s Quality of Experience (QoE) monitoring and optimization platform integrated alongside See how Preseem and are helping WISPs achieve greater sales and business growth. Featuring Gerrit Nagelhout, CEO of Preseem, and Dave Thomas, CEO of

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