We’re Just Like You

Meet Aterlo Networks –  A team of passionate entrepreneurs focused on building networking solutions that disrupt the Fixed Wireless industry and make service providers more efficient, effective and profitable.

Proven Expertise

40+ years of combined experience within the core team behind Preseem spent defining, building, architecting and managing mission-critical networking products, deployed in some of the largest Internet Service Providers in the world. It was during their last stint at one of world’s largest network equipment manufacturer that the team learned to work well together and, most importantly, discovered how much they liked working together.

Hours Spent

Coding (Perfection)

And more – conceptualizing, debating, writing code, implementing, testing, deploying and continously improving the software platform behind Preseem. Add 8000 cups of coffee or more on top of that along with valuable time spent on market research and concept testing with stakeholders across the networking industry. Preseem is a service, promise, and commitment from us with simplicity, efficiency & profitability built in. This isn’t the end of a story. It’s the start of our journey. We’ll continue to listen to you, learn and go back to work and build Preseem into something which is valuable to you every day as an internet service provider or networking engineer.

In This For You

As a young technology company, customer feedback isn’t just nice to have for Aterlo Networks, it’s critical to our survival. Please let us know about your experience with Preseem or if you have any questions/concerns or product suggestions. What you see today in Preseem is a result of our engagement with the community over the last three years and we’ll never stop learning.

Management Team

Preseem by Aterlo Networks is powered by an agile and passionate team of engineers, computer programmers, and business managers with a vision to become a global networking solutions provider.

Dan Aterlo Preseem

Dan Siemon

VP, Product Management

Get in Touch with Us

Aterlo Headquarters

295 Hagey Blvd, West Entrance

Waterloo, ON N2L 6R5


1-833-PRESEEM (773-7336)



Join the Networking Revolution

We’re working hard to bring cutting-edge networking solutions to the Fixed Wireless industry. And this change is only possible when we collaborate with other pioneers in the community. We’d love to hear how we can work with you! Here are some of the companies we’re proud to be working with as of today –

Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot