Preseem for Support Teams

Preseem provides support teams with a single-dashboard view of subscriber QoE in their network. Find and fix QoE issues, get faster support resolution and receive fewer complaints about slow internet.

Maximize Support Team Productivity

Support Teams View Subscriber Traffic in Real-Time with Preseem

View Subscriber Traffic in Real-Time


Preseem provides a real-time view of each subscriber’s traffic on your network, allowing support teams to quickly validate and investigate subscriber quality of experience issues.

Support Teams Identify the Root Cause with Preseem

Identify the Root Cause


Preseem summarizes the subscriber experience along with the access point (AP) and tower that the subscriber is attached to, enabling support teams to easily determine if problems are localized or part of a larger network problem.

Support Teams Reduce Slow Internet Complaints with Preseem

Reduce Slow Internet Complaints


Preseem maintains a high QoE for subscribers by ensuring that that interactive applications continue to work even when bulk applications, such as streaming, are active.

Trusted by WISPs Everywhere

“Preseem is worth every penny. It has helped us troubleshoot customers’ speed complaints. It also has helped make us more $$$ by knowing when to upgrade that customer’s plan.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Kent Urwiller
CEO, Align Tec

“Preseem takes all the guesswork out of traffic shaping, it just works! This has been one of the easiest and most hassle-free deployments of a hardware/software platform I have come across.”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Mark Petrocchi
CTO, Align Tec

“Our total bandwidth utilization dropped about 15-20% and my trouble-call text messages and phone calls have dropped about 80%. Amazing!”
5 Star Rating of Preseem

Jeff Taylor
CEO, Falcon Internet

Preseem at a Glance

Preseem's Subscriber Summary for Support Teams

Preseem's Subscriber Summary

Enables quick support resolution by showcasing subscriber information such as achieved rates and usage summaries.

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Preseem's Explore Hub for Support Teams

Preseem's Metrics Explorer

Allows support teams to discover whether a problem is network or subscriber-related by comparing the QoE characteristics of the tower, AP, and subscriber.

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Preseem's QoE Optimized Shaping for Support Teams

Preseem's QoE Optimized Shaping

Ensures low latency, promoting a great experience which leads to happy customers!

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WISPs Get Real Results with Preseem

A WISP Tower

E-Vergent Reduces Churn by 28% and Adds $27,000 in Revenue in Just 6 Months

Learn how Preseem’s QoE platform helped E-vergent, a WISP based out of Mt. Pleasant, Wisconsin, reduce their subscriber churn and increase revenue.

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An image of a satisfied customer, because her WISP uses Preseem

Grizzly Broadband’s Customer Support Call Volume Drops by More Than 25%

See how Grizzly Broadband, a hybrid ISP from Montana, experienced a dramatic drop in support calls by replacing traditional traffic shaping with Preseem.

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An image of a WISP finding new revenue sources with Preseem

Taylor Communications Virtually Eliminates Slow Speed Complaints

Learn how this New Zealand-based WISP virtually eliminated slow speed calls from customers maxing their plan speeds after deploying Preseem.

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