Subscriber Summary

Preseem’s subscriber summary provides your L1 support staff an at-a-glance view of a subscriber’s Quality of Experience. This aids effective troubleshooting and reduces support costs. 

Important Subscriber Metrics. At-a-Glance.

Achieved Rates

Peak download and upload rates confirm that your network is delivering the expected bandwidth for the subscriber.

Tower and Access Point Comparison

Direct comparisons of the QoE characteristics of the tower, access point and subscriber enable quickly determining if the problem is network or subscriber related.

Daily/ Monthly Data Usage

Daily and monthly usage summaries provide quick insight into the subscriber’s behaviour.

“Preseem has been an outstanding addition to our tool kit. It is real time easy to find data regarding each one of our subscribers. It has helped us resolve customer support requests faster and more accurately. Previously if a customer had a speed/latency complaint we relied on NMS graphs which polled devices at large intervals and really did not provide an accurate picture of what was happening. Now Preseem gives us what we need to near instantaneously diagnose and resolve the issue with confidence. Additionally their support is top notch, shout out to everyone in the support department!”

Shawn Tarlo
Technical Support Lead, E-Vergent Wireless

Empower Your Support Staff to Make Correct Troubleshooting Decisions. Efficiently. 

The Subscriber Summary allows your support staff to determine whether they should pursue troubleshooting a customer-specific issue or hand over the wider network concerns to the network management team.


  • Have a customer’s QoE information available instantaneously to answer common questions.
  • Immediately identify customer problems that are network related with direct tower and access point comparisons.
  • Save time on support calls, reduce support costs & improve profitability!

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