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Preseem is a unique piece of networking software that helps to proactively find and fix congested parts of fixed wireless networks, troubleshoot customer complaints effectively, and deliver a great Quality of Experience (QoE) to subscribers

A selection of fixed wireless articles—just for you!

WISP Bottlenecks & Subscriber QoE

Understand how network bottlenecks cause latency and packet drops in your WISP network, and how these can impact your subscribers’ Quality of Experience (QoE).

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7 Proven Marketing Tips to Grow Your WISP

Drawing inspiration from Preseem customers, we’ve created a collection of tips and resources that are sure to help you promote and grow your WISP business.

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WISP Bandwidth Control: What You Need to Know

Learn about typical WISP bandwidth control methods, their impact on subscribers’ QoE, and the best way to control bandwidth across your WISP network.

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