QoE Optimized Shaping

Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping uses AQM traffic shaping techniques to enforce bandwidth limits and manage high-bandwidth applications, all while improving subscriber QoE.

Subscriber Plan Optimization

Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping feature uses Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques for bandwidth management, seamlessly enforcing subscriber bandwidth limits and managing streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications, while improving the quality of experience for your subscribers.

Based on the FQ-CoDel algorithm, this subscriber QoE optimization allows interactive traffic flows like VoIP, online gaming, and DNS to get through smoothly without being affected by the type of traffic or bulk flows like streaming video and large downloads.

Access Point Optimization

Given Preseem’s understanding of your wireless network topology, our platform can implement advanced AQM-based Quality of Experience (QoE) optimization at the access point level.

This ensures that all of your subscribers receive a superior internet experience, even if the demand on the access point is over its capacity.

“Preseem’s platform takes all the guesswork out of traffic shaping, it just works!”

Mark Petrocchi, CTO, AlignTec

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How WISPs Enforce Subscriber Plans Matters

In the examples below, we show you how WISPs typically enforce subscriber plans, and the issues commonly associated with each approach.

Access Point Traffic Shaping

Access Points

Using simple queuing techniques via access points allows heavy applications, like streaming video, to negatively impact the performance of interactive applications. As a result, other users’ QoE may be negatively impacted when high-bandwidth applications are in use.

Application-Aware Traffic Management Tools

Application-Aware Traffic Management Tools

These tools require constant tweaks to adapt to changing applications, and often require arbitrary bandwidth limits. Their complexity gives rise to a high cost, and as encryption becomes more pervasive, application-aware traffic management become less effective.

Router Traffic Shaping


Using simple queuing techniques via routers allows heavy applications to negatively impact the performance of interactive applications and other subs’ QoE. This approach is also incapable of instituting subscriber-aware policies, such as multi-site bandwidth limits.

There’s a Better Way with Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping

Preseem QoE Optimized Shaping Fixes My-Internet-Feels-Slow Complaints

Fixes "My-Internet-Feels-Slow" Complaints

Preseem QoE Optimized Shaping Helps Lower Subscriber Churn

Lowers Subscriber Churn

Preseem QoE Optimized Shaping Ensures Per-Flow Fairness & Prioritization

Ensures Per-Flow Fairness & Prioritization

Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping Is Built for WISPs of All Sizes

Built for WISPs of All Sizes

Preseem QoE Optimized Shaping Delays the Need for Network Investments

Delays the Need for Network Investments

Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping Is Easy and Affordable

Easy to Use and Affordable

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is FQ-CoDel?

The FlowQueue-CoDel (FQ-CoDel) algorithm is a combined packet scheduler and AQM algorithm, developed as part of the Bufferbloat-fighting community effort. It’s a result of major innovations coming out of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in the last couple of years. More information on FQ-CoDel is available here.

Does Preseem Do L7 Inspection?

No, Preseem does not do layer 7 inspection. Preseem leverages advanced AQM techniques to improve and deliver a great subscriber experience—even in the presence of congestion—without the complexity and cost associated with layer 7 inspection.

What Are The Hardware Requirements To Run Preseem's QoE Optimization Shaping In My Network?

Preseem’s QoE monitoring and optimization platform is compatible with your off-the-shelf hardware, or one of our affordable appliances.

How Much Does Preseem's QoE Optimized Plan Enforcement Solution Cost?

Preseem’s full suite of QoE Monitoring and Optimization features are available on a per-subscriber basis, with affordable plans starting at just $100 per month.

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