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Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter April 2021


WISPs to command 9 million customers by next year, NTCA and WISPA express concerns over rural broadband priorities, Amazon takes steps toward Kuiper Satellite broadband service, Lots of questions remain on road to RDOF, WISP Virtual Summit 2021: RELOADED recap, WISPA Annual Awards: Preseem wins Service of the Year award again

Interference Newsletter April 2021
Preseem Interference Newsletter - January 2021

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter March 2021

Broadband billions to flow from just-passed American rescue plan, Whistleblower: Ubiquiti breach “catastrophic,” Mozilla, Reddit, Dropbox, and more call for FCC to reinstate net neutrality, Path to gigabit plan could reduce rural broadband subsidies, [Podcast] The Divide: WISPA’s Claude Aiken on tech-neutral solutions, WISPAMERICA 2021: everything you need to know, Preseem is exhibiting at CanWISP

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter February 2021


Elon Musk’s SpaceX riles its rivals for broadband subsidies, WISPA hails bi-partisan telecommunications, Some big RDOF winners lean away fromfixed wireless, FCC Chair voices support for spectrum sharing, Fixed wireless capacity planning, Cambium releases gigabit outdoor point to point solution leveraging the 802.11ax standard, Tickets for WISPAMERICA now available, Access point comparison: Market share of Cambium, Ubiquiti, Baicells, MikroTik, and others

Preseem Interference Newsletter - Feb 2021
Preseem Interference Newsletter - January 2021

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter January 2021

New FCC report shows digital divide is closing, WeLink raises $185M to deliver high-bandwidth wireless internet, FCC antenna rule change should benefit fixed wireless, WISPA applauds FCC’s antenna rule, Juniper to MikroTik – BGP Commands, [Podcast] Packet Pushers: IPv6 in the cloud with Ivan PepeInjak, Date set for WISPAMERICA 2021, Fixed Wireless (WISP Industry) M&A news & deal tracker, Preseem launches 20000 series of appliances, [Updated 2021] WISPs in the US: market size & key facts

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter December 2020

List of FCC’s $9.2B RDOF auction winners, FCC’s approval of the Huawei Rip and Replace Rules, Cambium’s settlement with Ubiquiti, Kevin Myers’ blog on MikroTik RouterOSv7, Justin’s take on DoS attacks, WISPA acquires Multifamily Broadband Council membership, 7 Tips for Starting & Growing a WISP to 1000 Subscribers, Having a stress-free holiday season with Preseem, Infographic on the state of the fixed wireless industry 2020 and more!

rural internet RDOF auction winners Preseem
Preseem Interference Newsletter - November 2020

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter November 2020

Digital Divide closing says FCC, WISPA urges Commission to adopt 3.45-3.55 GHz rules akin to CBRS model, T-Mobile crosses 100 million subscriber milestone, RDOF auction appears to be winding down, CARES funding vital for quick connectivity during pandemic, What you need to know when approaching Spectrum licensing, Wireless Broadband Alliance: successful Wi-Fi 6 trials set stage for carrier Wi-Fi 6 deployments, WISPA2020’s in-person and live-stream trade show a resounding success, WISPs are helping communities stay connected and safe during the crisis… and beyond, Upcoming Webinar: Empower Your WISP Support Team with Preseem & Arden Alliance Management

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter October 2020

Preseem’s new Fixed Wireless Network Report is here, COVID-19 sparks wixed wireless rollouts, Final RDOF auction bidder list, Viewers streaming more user generated content, SpaceX Starlink pricing revealed as satellite broadband operator expands beta, FCC expands TV white space use for wireless operations, Spectrum fight draws multiple billionaires into the ring, 60 GHz cnWave deployments deemed successful by Cambium Networks, WISPA 2020 Concludes Successfully, ReConnect program aAnnounces $158M in broadband awards, Upcoming Sonar + Preseem webinar on “The Customer Experience”

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter September 2020

Register for a Casual Geek Chat on Bufferbloat: What, Why, & How to Fix, RDOF auction bidder map, CBRS Spectrum auction maps, FCC Enforcement Bureau proposes $163,912 fine against ISP for failure to file Form 477 and inaccurate data, WISPs get CBRS range as great as six miles at 100 Mbps speeds, Cambium Networks announces 60 GHz fixed wireless solutions, Casa Systems launches high-power 5G mmWave CPE, WISPA2020 in-person and online event is happening from October 20-22, The WISP Virtual Summit On-Demand—FREE access to 12 sessions, Preseem update: IPv6 support and big UI changes

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter August 2020

CBRS auction closes after just 24 bidding days raising over $4.5 billion, Cable One invests in two fixed wireless ISPs (Wisper and NextLink), Operators need to prepare for the game-streaming tsunami, WISPs and schools take afresh look at 2.5 GHz spectrum, Samsung expands CBRS network solutions after its initial launch of MIMO solution, WISPA survey: COVID-19 pushes fixed wireless delivery network upgrades, Find out what happened when DM Wireless deployed Preseem in their network, Check out the Preseem 2020 Texas Road Trip recap video, Watch the WISP Fireside Chat Part 4

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter July 2020

WISP Virtual Summit 2020: The start of something great, CBRS auction starts off strong, FCC adopts new rules for more granular broadband map data collection, U.S. streaming minutes up 85% from late March through early June, Verizon fashionably late to the LTE fixed wireless party, [Podcast] Heavy Networking 530, Cambium embraces 60 GHz Wi-Fi 6 for multi-gigabit connectivity, Thousands of Grayson County students lack home Internet access (featuring JJ McGrath of TekWav), Watch Preseem and’s casual Geek Chat on APs

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter June 2020

WISP Virtual Summit 2020, US networks out-perform Europe’s during COVID-19, FCC adopts procedures for auctioning $16 billion from the RDOF, Democrats unveil $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, New bill expands access to USF subsidies, Qualcomm’s first Wi-Fi 6E chips are here, First Geek Chat presented by Preseem and, The number one way of mitigating DoS attacks, Ubiquiti AP comparison, Preseem + Sonar webinar

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter May 2020

New COVID-19 aid bill has billions for broadband, FCC receives over 180 RDOF eligible area challenges, Over half of US SMBs plan to maintain remote working for employees, GSA forms working group for FWA, Increase in COVID-19 attacks, Fortinet offers free cybersecurity training, Bonus Fixed Wireless Network Insights report exclusively for WISPA members, COVID-19 resources for WISPs, Register for upcoming Preseem-Sonar webinar, WISP Fireside Chat Part 3: Learn from Fixed Wireless professionals

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter April 2020

WISPA: Average WISP traffic up 36% amid COVID-19, FCC’s 6 GHz order will bring immense benefits to Americans, Wisper ISP and KwiKom announce purchase of Pixius, Pandemic amplifies calls for universal broadband, FCC delays CBRS spectrum auction amid coronavirus, T-Mobile sprint merger completed, Canada: Bell accelerating rural internet rollout using FW in response to COVID-19, Coronavirus turns up the heat on cybersecurity projects, WISPAMERICA’s virtual version is here, Preseem releases Fixed Wireless Network Report 2020 Q1 Edition, Preseem visits Rock Solid Internet & Telephone in San Antonio, Texas, and more!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter March 2020

WISPs catch a break in CBRS transition, Trump signs into law $1B for rural carrier rip-and-replace, Bill to improve broadband data maps on its way to Trump, Three ISP associations highlight importance of broadband connectivity, What carriers are doing to keep us connected, CanWISP predicts rural internet will be improved with the upcoming 3500MHz Spectrum auction, FCC boosts unlicensed use of TV Spectrum, 7 steps to boost router security, CBRS: understanding the operator and enterprise opportunities, Machine learning could put cell sites to sleep (and slash energy costs), VPN use surges as coronavirus outbreak prompts huge rise in remote working, WISPAMERICA cancelled, Registration open for two upcoming Preseem webinars, Preseem UI Update, and more!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter February 2020

CBRS wireless will create a new category of expense for carriers and a revenue opportunity for administrators, FCC launches phase II of latest high-band auction, Coronavirus cuts into 5G standards work, ZTE fights to stay off blacklist as U.S. firms fear cost of ban, USDA agriculture innovation agenda could spur broadband usage, Facebook Terragraph gigabit wireless gains deployments, Cambium Networks launches first commercial CBRS services, Preseem releases real-world AP comparisons, WISP do’s and don’ts, 5 must-attend events at WISPAMERICA 2020, Preseem Happy Hour event announced before WISPAMERICA, and more!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter January 2020

FCC authorizes full commercial deployment in 3.5 GHz band, advancing American 5G leadership, FCC proposes rules for $20 billion rural broadband fund auction, USDA will begin accepting second round $550m ReConnect applications, House passes bills to gain upper hand in race to 5G, Baicells Technologies receives FCC and OnGo certifications for wireless broadband equipment, Senate passes IoT strategy bill, A glimpse into the future of cybersecurity, WISPAmerica is getting closer (event agenda updated), Preseem will be at the NTCA RTIME Expo in Phoenix, Learn WISP business tips from successful fixed wireless owners and operators, and more!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter December 2019

CBRS finally expected to launch commercially by year’s end, Broadband mapping bill passes House, FCC to create $9 billion 5G subsidy program for rural America, FCC authorizes nearly $89M in funding for rural broadband, House passes legislation banning government from buying Huawei Equipment, Mozilla and others file appeal to save net neutrality, New video on the evolution of Internet traffic management from Preseem, NSA to issue updated cloud security guidance, FISPALIVE event planned for February 5-7, Preseem will be at the upcoming UKWISPA and WISPA New Zealand conferences, and more!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter November 2019

C Band auction will be public, WISPA commends Pai’s proposal to resolve underutilization of 5.9 GHz Band, Many rural Americans still lacking broadband access, Vivint gets ready to give fixed wireless another go, Telecom mergers and 5G won’t bridge the rural digital divide, Canadian court issues first-ever ISP order to block a piracy website, FCC bans Huawei and ZTE from USF-funded networks, Ubiquiti adds two new devices to its UniFi line, State by state: the fastest and slowest US Internet, SmartBrief and WISPA launch publication for WISPs, Preseem is WISPA’s Service of the Year—check out the video, New Preseem blog on 2019 access point market insights

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter October 2019

Fixed Wireless Usage Report: 4 Mbps average speed and 196 GB per month, Wander is rolling out in LA for $25-per-month, FCC authorizes over $61.8 million in rural broadband funding, Wireless Internet providers excited about multiple spectrum sharing opportunities, How spectrum sharing could span a digital divide, Elon Musk tweets using SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet, Claude Aiken praises WISP industry’s strong growth and community service in WISPAPALOOZA address, Preseem won Service of the Year at the WISPA Awards 2019, The Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report (2019 Edition) is here, and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter September 2019

A $20.4 billion fund proposed by the FCC to assist rural areas that lack adequate fixed broadband service, The three main CBRS use cases, In a bid to compete with DSL, FTTP, and fixed wireless competitors, Comcast has begun rolling out free speed upgrades, A new antenna uses saltwater and plastic to steer radio beams, offering unique advantages over metal ones, Telrad announces full interoperability between its LTE fixed wireless solutions and three CBRS SAS partners, 2 Steps Toward WISP Profitability, blog by Joshaven Potter from, Did you know that Preseem got nominated for “Service of the Year” at the WISPA Annual Awards 2019?

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter August 2019

Three Fixed Wireless Broadband Companies Causing RF Interference Fined by FCC, CBRS Alliance to launch OnGo commercial services in 3.5 Ghz CBRS band, AT&T confirms plan to launch high-speed wireless home Internet in rural America using the 3.5 GHz band, Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren criticizes ISPs and FCC for failing to bridge ‘digital divide’ in America, Cambium Networks announces the availability of the PMP 450 Platform in the CBRS spectrum along with 3 new ePMP Force 300 solutions, Preseem releases list of 5 must-attend sessions at WISPAPALOOZA 2019, and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter July 2019

Broadband Research Shows Half of Americans Can Get 500 Mbps Broadband with Costs Often Exceeding $60 Per Month, New FAA regulations require towers under 200′ to be marked, FCC moves to open up mid-band spectrum for 5G, Minim announces MikroTik integration and cloud agent, 3M™ PROTECTA® Cobra Mobile/Manual Rope Grab AC202D Product Recall, WISPAPALOOZA 2019 agenda released, Preseem announces free QoE Workshop + WISP Fireside chat on Monday, October 14, 2019 prior to WISPAPALOOZA, and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter June 2019

WISP Speed Performance Up More Than 250% From 2015 to 2019, Schools and phone companies face off over wireless spectrum, Ex-Chair of FCC broadband committee gets five years in prison for fraud, Cambium Networks launches additions to ePMP 802.11ac Wave 2 fixed wireless broadband solutions, RF elements launches “inside wireless” series on YouTube talking about antenna polarization, antenna beam width and side lobes, Numbers don’t lie – subscriber retention drives WISP success – captures in their latest blog post, and much more

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter May 2019

FCC Cuts Bogus Data From Yearly Broadband Report, Acts Like Nothing Happened, USTelecom said broadband map problems can be fixed for $10-$12 Million, Cambium Networks filed for a $75 million IPO, Cambium Networks announced cnHeat network planning subscription service, WISPAPALOOZA 2019’s registration is not open yet but the exhibitor space is filling up fast!, Preseem made a lot of visible changes to the user interface & API, and much more. 

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter April 2019

James Sanders from TechRepublic highlighted that Wireless ISPs will continue to be crucial in the age of 5G, Trump put kibosh on nationalized 5G network rumors, Cambium announced new ePMP 802.11ac Wave 2 solutions, Claude from WISPA wrote about WISPA member Micrologic, Matt Larsen (Vistabeam), JJ McGrath (TekWav), and Steve Barnes ( share their Preseem story, and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter March 2019

WISPs gathered for a record-breaking WISPAmerica, Claude Aiken shared the state of WISPA, Google put a price on CBRS SAS, Report found Verizon’s fixed 5G broadband service economically flawed, Sonar shared an update on its much-awaited v2, Dan Siemon spoke at the WISPAmerica’s panel on “VMs vs Hardware and VM networking”, Jason Pond shared an experience with Preseem, and much more

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter February 2019

Preseem to host QoE seminar featuring 3 WISP speakers at the upcoming Wispamerica 2019, AT&T + Verizon expand Fixed Wireless to small biz market, FCC announced the first list of companies and areas authorized for $140 million on CAF Phase II, Facebook expands partner list for Terragraph, Mikrotik blogs about a known Dude agent vulnerability, Minim acquires Aerez and expands Wi-Fi security tool to WISPs and much more in this edition.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter January 2019

AT&T does a flip flop on Fixed 5G, Windstream CEO eyes gigabit fixed wireless, Surf Air Wireless completes $40 million capital raise and acquires FreedomNet Wireless, WISPA joins 4Competition coalition, KP Performance launches new ProLine series antennas (2.3 Ghz to 6.4 Ghz), Sold-out exhibit hall at the upcoming Wispamerica, Preseem participated at FISPA live and much more in this edition of Interference.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter December 2018

Cambium Networks predicts 2019 wireless broadband trends, NTCA releases report on rural broadband, Sprint may re-evaluate market for in-home broadband, Zyxel to launch LTE CBRS outdoor router for FW access at CES 2019, FISPALive is around the corner (Nashville, Feb 20-22, 2019), Preseem subscriber summary gets a great review from Shawn at E-vergent Wireless and much more in this edition.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter Nov 2018

FCC kicks of 5G spectrum auction, CAF-II winners announce plans to use the money for fixed wireless deployments, USDA awards $91 million in rural broadband funding, Ericsson releases economic study on FW Access, Tenda launches CPE & Ceiling APs for WISPs, WISPAmerica exhibition floor almost sold out, Preseem-Sonar to conduct a joint webinar and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter October 2018

FCC adopts county-sized license areas, WISPA voices it’s disappointment with the ruling (WISPs wanted census tracts), New Fixed Wireless Report shows average Fixed Wireless speed used is 3.5 Mbps, Average subscriber consumes 167 GB/month, The Verge writes on why Feds can’t block California’s net neutrality bill, Verizon’s 5G home internet is sort of real/ sort of fake, Telrad launches new 5 Ghz Band LTE solution, KP Performance Antennas launch ProLine series (2.3 – 6.4 Ghz), Preseem launches FQ-Codel based Access Point Shaping for WISPs and more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter Sep 2018

The Verge reports on the digital divide and how bad coverage maps are ruining American Broadband, Telecompetitior showers limelight on the CAF II winners, AT&T Fixed Wireless now available in 1000 counties across 18 states, 7500+ Mikrotik routers compromised, Cambium announces new wireless solutions, Ericsson launches new 5G products, Spray-able antennas enter the scene, Wispapalooza excitement rises, Preseem’s QoE seminar is ready to take off at Las Vegas and much more.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter August 2018

Preseem to host a webinar on ‘Reducing churn & growing your WISP’ featuring Joe Falaschi from E-vergent Wireless, FCC announces CAF-II winners, More than a dozen WISPA members win big in the CAF II announcement, Another wave of attacks on Mikrotik RouterOS underway across US/EU, Samsung executive talks about Verizon’s Fixed 5G equipment, Wispapalooza 2018 inches closer and attracts over 140 exhibitors, WISPA announces new board officers and much more in this monthly update for the fixed wireless industry.

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter July 2018

Netflix adds latency and upload speed metrics to its popular internet speed test –, WISPA and 182 WISPs send a signed letter to FCC pushing for census tract licences, Major cable operator Midco ditches fiber for fixed wireless on rural build-outs, AT&T reveals next three cities to receive 5G, Cambium launches new enterprise class outdoor Wi-FI Access Point, Preseem wrote a blog post describing how the QoE platform helped a WISP detect and fix a major network outage, WISPAPALOOZA 2018 comes closer and adds more collocated events and much more in this edition of Interference – fastest growing newsletter in the fixed-wireless industry!

Interference – WISP Monthly Newsletter June 2018

Silicon Valley startup claims to help anyone launch their own WISP operation for $25,000, WISPA applauded FCC action to spur use of C-band Airwaves, AT&T launches fixed-wireless 5G trials in Indiana, Cambium released new wireless solutions to meet increasing standards in video streaming, Ubiquiti launches new flexible mode which leads to substantial improvement of throughput for access points not running in GPS sync mode, WISPA launches event agenda with over 80 sessions for WISPAPALOOZA 2018, Preseem and plan to hold a joint webinar on July 18 to talk about QoE translates into sales and growth for WISPs and much more in this monthly update.

Preseem and 6 other vendors from the WISP industry launch the first-ever WISP GiveAway event with 7 confirmed gifts and a chance to win the grand prize worth $2000, Unlicensed wireless spectrum contributed $525 billion the US economy, Qualcomm and Facebook announce efforts to deliver high-speed internet to urban areas, Windstream unveils plans on fixed wireless deployments while Century Link still remains on the fence about its fixed wireless plans, KP performance launches new line of dual sector antennas, WISPA’s new CEO goes live on ISP Radio, Registrations for WISPApalooza 2018 open with 100 exhibitors already signed up, Preseem ships a bunch of it’s model 5000 appliances to a WISP and much more.

T-mobile and Sprint announced merger plans with aspirations to create a 5G powerhouse, Global fixed wireless broadband market reported to grow 30% in 2018, Verizon sets up for 5G commercial launch, WISPA objected to mobile carrier industry proposal that ignores rural interests, Dan Siemon discussed Queue management & FQ-CoDel on ISP radio, The Brothers WISP talked about 10GB unifi gateway, Mikrotik MUM EU hardware, Scot from Preseem explained how Netflix actually works for ISPs, Exhibitor registrations opened for WISPApalooza 2018 and some interesting posts on traffic shaping and subscriber bandwidth management appeared on WISP Talk and much more in this monthly update.

FCC kicks off rural broadband auction (CAF II), WISPA appoints Claude Aiken as its first full-time president & CEO, Baicells & Siklu announce new solutions, Cambium launches product aimed at hotels & MDUs, The Brothers WISP discuss impact of increasing encrypted traffic and more on their latest show, Dan from Preseem will be talking about subscriber bandwidth management on April 4th, WISPA held its biggest-ever WISPAmerica with over 800 attendees and more.

FCC releases a detailed map of eligibility for its Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) auction, Ajit Pai confirms FCC’s plan to auction 5G-ready spectrum at the Mobile World Congress, Huawei and Bell trial fixed wireless alternative in rural Ontario, ISP radio talks about CALEA compliance, Sonar and Preseem conducted a massive joint webinar for WISPs about Sonar 1.5, QoE monitoring and bandwidth management using FQ-CoDel, The Brothers WISP talked about virtual routing in their latest show, the community gets ready for biggest-ever WISPAmerica in Birmingham, AL while Canadian WISPs prepare for CANWISP in Ottawa and much more.

FCC unanimously agreed on the final steps necessary to kickstart a $2 billion program to deliver fixed broadband to unserved parts of America, Unconfirmed reports about a proposed Federal takeover of 5G wireless network caused quite an uproar, Starry Internet announced plans to expand fixed wireless service to 16 major markets in the US, Sonar announced details about its 1.5 release, Dan from Preseem wrote on the impact of network configuration errors on subscriber QoE, ISP radio invited Elizabeth Bowles (Aristotle Internet, FCC BDAC), WISP community gears up for the biggest-ever WISPAMERICA in 2018 (Birmingham, Alabama).

Commissioner Ajit Pai’s plan to eliminate net neutrality, WISPA’s official statement on this new FCC plan, AT&T expands to 18 states across the US, Billmax releases 2017 Q4 for its customers, Simon Westlake from Sonar went on ISPradio to talk about their Wispmon acquisition, Registrations open for WISPAMERICA 2018 to be held at Birmingham (Alabama), Cambium Networks announces first-ever Connectivity Hero awards and writes on boosting PMP450 network, WISPA launches it’s official Youtube channel and much more.

FCC angers WISPs by voting to modify rules governing use of CBRS spectrum, WISPA reacting strongly to the FCC move with detailed fact sheets and action plans, Preseem launches first-ever WISP industry QoE benchmarks, Largest-ever WISPAPALOOZA draws record number of participants, product launches and announcements including new solutions from Cambium, BridgeWave, Baicells and others, Dan Siemon went on ISPradio to talk about subscriber QoE monitoring, Filmmaker exploring the dangerous lives of tower climbers in new documentary and much more.

The US fixed wireless market to double within next five years, C Spire announced the launch of its new wireless service to compete with AT&T,  the latest TheBrothersWISP podcast discussed Cambium, ISP radio spoke to Bridgewave, Sonar acquired Wispmon, Hurricane Maria, WISPAPALOOZA and Preseem’s wireless summary launch.

Fixed wireless industry trends, AT&T expansion into rural markets, the latest TheBrothersWISP podcast discussing 100G switches, WISPAPALOOZA calendar, ISP radio’s Cambium interview, WISPs supporting providers hit by Hurricane Harvey, Preseem’s integration with Sonar API and more.

AT&T’s partnership with NetComm Wireless to offer rural services, WISPA-led Broadband Coalition, Kevin Myers’s blog on building an MPLS network with white box switching, Impact of 1 subscriber on entire sector’s QoE, Growing excitement for WISPAPALOOZA, Preseem product updates, and more.

Preseem + Sonar SoftwareAPI Screenshot