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The Preseem Fixed Wireless Network Report leverages Preseem’s dataset to provide a view into fixed wireless networks across providers and different kinds of equipment. Download the latest edition of the report today!

Fixed Wireless Network Report by Preseem

Meet the New Fixed Wireless Network Report

Preseem ingests billions of metrics per day from WISPs across the U.S., Canada, and internationally. This report leverages this huge data pool to present a view of the fixed wireless industry across service providers and vendors. You can’t get this information anywhere else!

Access In-Depth Industry Insights

The report answers questions like:

  • What’s the average vs. peak download and upload throughput for a typical fixed wireless subscriber?
  • How does the latency for a fixed wireless subscriber compare at peak vs. other times of the day?
  • Which manufacturer has the maximum access point market share by count of subscribers?
  • How do different access point models compare on number of connected subscribers, throughput, and latency?
  • What is the typical channel width used by most WISPs?
Insights from Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report
Preseem's Fixed Wireless Network Report Drives Results

Draw Meaningful Conclusions

The information contained in this report provides WISPs with a useful way to benchmark their businesses against the wider broadband ecosystem. It also helps others understand fixed wireless networks and view new trends.

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Sample Figures

View a selection of the insights contained in the 2022 Edition of the Fixed Wireless Network Report.

Graph showing Subscriber Download Throughput at peak and all times

Subscriber Download Throughput

Graph showing Connected SMs and Access Point Count

Connected SMs and Access Point Count

Graph showing percentage of access points by RF channel width

Access Points by RF Channel Width

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