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Preseem helps WISPs to manage the increased usage and network load during these trying times, while continuing to deliver a better experience to subscribers

How COVID-19 Impacts WISPs 

COVID-19 COVID19 Preseem

Change in Applications

Social distancing has led to more people working from home, which has driven a change in the types of applications that people use. Specifically, the number of collaborative applications, such as those for video conferencing, will increase both in usage and variety.

Preseem’s application-agnostic traffic management handles this change in application use automatically, without the need for protocol updates or rule changes!

This means that the kids at home watching Netflix won’t destroy that important conference call.

COVID-19 COVID19 Preseem

Overloaded Access Points

With more people at home, it is possible that some of your APs will be pushed beyond their limits. When this happens, the customer experience for all subscribers on the AP suffers due to the simple queueing algorithms in the AP hardware.

Preseem can apply bandwidth limits on a per-AP basis to mitigate the impacts of overloaded access points. This keeps the AP below the pain point, maintains low latency, and shares bandwidth fairly across subscribers.

Don’t let an overloaded access point cause your new telecommuters pain.

Learn More About Preseem’s QoE Optimized Shaping

Preseem uses advanced Active Queue Management (AQM) techniques to enforce subscriber and access point bandwidth limits and to manage streaming video and other high-bandwidth applications while improving subscriber Quality of Experience.

 • No complex rules    • No need for artificial limits    • No application restrictions

 • No complex rules
• No need for artificial limits
• No application restrictions

"Despite more people staying at home and using Internet, given demands for self-isolation, the enormous majority of our network is massively underutilized. This is where Preseem really shines! We can see the 'health' of every AP and proactively identify problematic APs. Also, Preseem's FQ-CoDel maintains data efficiency. With the help from Preseem, we can easily manage the marginally higher demand network-wide"

– Tyler Casey, Network Engineer & Owner, DM-Tech
A California-based WISP

Ready to Get A Free Trial of Preseem in Your Network?

Ready to Get A Free Trial of Preseem in Your Network?

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